Sony Vaio laptop

  Porta 18:09 13 Jan 2004

I've just been given a Sony Vaio PCG-R505JSK. I've been informed this is a US model so does anybody know

a) is the UK equivalent the same or how do I find out

b) when it comes to buying a battery, what should I be looking for?

c) same as b), but for a docking station

d) Will any external usb cd/dvd drive work with it?

Thanks in advance

  Big Elf 19:39 13 Jan 2004

1. The keyboard is probably different to the UK version e.g. it won't have £ sign on it. You will be able to change the region in Regional Options in Control Panel but have to compare it to a UK one to find out where all the symbols etc. are.

2. click here may be able to supply a battery. A google search will bring up other suppliers.

3. Again try the one at 2. or google for others. Sony have their own site at click here

4. Not sure what version of USB it has. I would think most would work but you might have to fit a PCMCIA/Cardbus USB 2.0 card to exploit the full potential try click here for this.

  Porta 19:59 13 Jan 2004

Thanks a lot

  Big Elf 20:15 13 Jan 2004

One more thing which you probably have already sorted and to be honest I don't know the answer to is that the power supply block thing may not work in the UK.

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