Sony Vaio FX 301 ATI Rage Graphics Card Drivers !!

  Monitor Master 22:01 31 Mar 2003


I have a Sony Vaio FX 301 which I have bought second hand. The laptop has option to display the screen on a TV which I would like to do. The problem is that the laptop has windows XP on the laptop and there are no drivers on the Sony website at all. I would like to know if anyone knows when I can get any graphics card drivers for this laptop.

Although there are laptop drivers do come with windows xp there are no TV out options. I have also checked the ATI website that says to contact the laptop manufacture.

The graphics card is an ATI Rage Mobility and it 8mb.

Thanks a lot Michael

  eccomputers 22:42 31 Mar 2003

have you been here... click here

you have to enter the product code of your laptop.

  Monitor Master 17:50 01 Apr 2003

I have tried that website that says my laptop is the series let alone model. I think this is because its a American website and my laptops a UK model.

Thanks anyway Michael

  Monitor Master 17:54 01 Apr 2003

Sorry the last posting was meant to read:

I have tried that website.

It says that my laptop is the wrong series let alone model.

I think this is because it’s an American website and my laptops a UK model. But it’s also ironic that it’s this website the click here redirects you too.

  Monitor Master 11:08 14 Apr 2003

I have still not been able to find a driver which works with TV-Out :(

I can only find USA drivers which do not work. Could this be as the USA laptops use a differnet tv output type?

Thanks Michael

  Big Elf 11:29 14 Apr 2003

I have a Sony Vaio FX 405 with an ATI Rage Mobility M1 AGP with 8MB. If you email me your address I'll burn the driver to CD and send it to you. Please note however that it may totally trash your system.

  Big Elf 11:35 14 Apr 2003

I just remembered that I downloaded it from Sonys site because it was an upgrade. I also remembered that they don't have the original drivers as supplied with the laptops available but their support although improved is atrocious. Unfortunately I can't remember the location of their site and haven't favorited it but it was a special Vaio area of the site.

  Big Elf 11:55 14 Apr 2003

Sony's Vaio site is at click here

You need to register and will be asked to supply the serial number. What you actually need to do is put the model number in the first box and the serial number in the second one. These will hopefully be found on a sticker on the underside. If not then look in the start, programs menu for Vaio System Information and it will also be shown there.

After that you can try to track down your model number in the support area.

  Monitor Master 12:07 14 Apr 2003

I have tried registering with the website you gave me and it does not give me any error and just asks me to input my information again.

As i bought the laptop second hand do you think it might be already registered?

Thanks Michael

  Big Elf 12:50 14 Apr 2003

I've tried it and it's doing the same for me with no clue as to what's going wrong. As I've mentioned before Sony support (in my experience) has been crap.

I've got another link that gives a different route into Support at click here

Click on Vaio User and enter the serial number when the page opens. You should then be able to get to the downloads page.

  Monitor Master 12:56 14 Apr 2003

That website is useless as it sees my model & serial Number as a PCG-FX105K & not my PCG-FX301.

This therefore means that all drivers are wrong.


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