Sony Vaio extended keyboard functions

  PeterPaul 22:22 10 Oct 2005

I have a 5-year old sony Vaio laptop PCG-F707

All the original software was wiped in a clean install of Windows XP home edition. The original software disks are lost.

It works fine, but all the special keyboard functions on function keys don't work.

Is there anywhere I can get software to reinstall these keyboards functions?

  Minkey1 00:28 11 Oct 2005

If you register with Club Vaio click here you can access the Sony forums and may be able to some help.


Interesting, I have a similar situation, where I do not have a driver disk for the 701 model.

Did XP simply load the drivers for you?

  PeterPaul 10:00 11 Oct 2005

Thanks,Minkey1 and Tommo2000.

Yes, XP loaded standard keyboard drivers.

I am a member of Club Vaio, if I can find my registration number!

  Taff36 12:12 11 Oct 2005

click here and enter your computers serial number

  Taff36 12:14 11 Oct 2005

Or follow my instructions on Tommo`s link click here

  PeterPaul 13:46 11 Oct 2005

Thanks Taff36

Accessed the Sony site, download Hotkeys and Sony Notebook setup and installed. No difference at all.

  Taff36 16:26 11 Oct 2005

What do these extended keyboard functions do exactly? I don`t even know if the model I have has these. Maybe they need to be enabled on the laptop.

  PeterPaul 16:41 11 Oct 2005

The Vaio has the normal Windows key next to CTRL and ALT but it doesn't work with the normal functions of that key.

In addition, the Vaio has an Fn key (for Function)which does a number of things with the function keys, including mute, volume control, battery functions, and most importantly to me, switch display to an external monitor or projector.

The XP installation set the keyboard up as a Standard Windows keyboard. If I could find some way to set it up as an Extended Windows keyboard that might help, but no drivers for this seem to be on the XP upgrade disk.

  Taff36 23:19 11 Oct 2005

Thanks - Now I understand but I`m away from my Vaio Laptop until tomorrow afternoon. Your real "need" is to switch display to an external monitor. The extended keyboard only provides shortcuts. e.g. Increases volume, mute etc. All of which you should be able to do from Control Panel albeit in a more long winded fashion. Try right clicking your desktop and properties then the display tab OR Control Panel Display. If the switching isn`t there you haven`t downloaded all the computer drivers.

Back to Everest Home and the Sony Site. XP has loaded "default" or generic drivers automatically to enable the laptop to work. Called Plug and Play I think. Somewhere the correct drivers can be found so go to System Properties and check out the individual drivers for the Motherboard first, then the on board graphics - if the drivers for these aren`t Intel/Sony search to find other drivers that are.

Before you start make a restore point just in case. I`ll try and follow up tomorrow.

  Taff36 09:15 18 Oct 2005

Any progress with this one - I`ll dig out the old Sony Vaio if you like.

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