Sony Vaio Charger light blinking, won't turn on.

  ThiparatJune 18:41 11 Apr 2014

Hi everyone, I need your help urgently!

I have sony Vaio laptop which has been working well. Recently its charger had a minor explosion and broke (it happened when I plug it in to the outlet as usual). So I replaced it with a new one. However, the light on the new charger was blinking whenever I plug it into the laptop and turned solid again when I unplug it.

Could you please help me fix this? All my assignments and works are in this laptop and I need it very soon.

Thank you

Ps. I have tried removing the battery and it still doesn't work. Also I won't be able to try another charger.

  rdave13 19:03 11 Apr 2014

Reading your post I get the impression that you connect the charger when it is on already, instead of connecting the charger, then switching on at the mains? If so then either you've damaged the motherboard or the socket.

One thing to try is to remove all power source (mains and battery) then press and hold the power button on the laptop for 30 seconds. This time just connect the charger and try to boot up.

  ThiparatJune 19:16 11 Apr 2014

rdave13 Thank you for your help. I have tried what you suggested and still couldn't turn the computer on. The LED on the charger still blinks when I plug it into the laptop and stays solid when I unplug it.

Is this an indication that I have damaged the motherboard? Is there anything I could try to fix it before taking it to the tech shop?

  rdave13 20:05 11 Apr 2014

Remove the mains charger. Refit the battery, will it boot? If nothing, now connect the charger, switch on the mains and see what happens. Try gently moving the charger's connector to the laptop and see what happens.

If motherboard connection is the only thing damaged then possibly worth a repair. Check how much it will cost as new laptops (non-gaming) are cheap enough. You can always retrieve documents from a healthy HDD to a new machine.

  bumpkin 21:06 11 Apr 2014

From what you have said in your OP, I would think that the input socket to the laptop has fault.

  bumpkin 21:11 11 Apr 2014

"(it happened when I plug it in to the outlet as usual)."

Just to clarify, do you mean when you plugged it into the mains or when you connected it to your PC.

  ThiparatJune 22:13 11 Apr 2014

@bumpkin I meant plug into the mains.

  ThiparatJune 22:17 11 Apr 2014

@rdave13 I tried to boot it with only the battery but it still didn't work. I suppose the battery empty. Regarding your suggestion to moving the charger's connector to the laptop, the symptom is that when I disconnect it from the laptop the LED on the adapter turned solid while when it is connected the LED blinks constantly.

  rdave13 22:24 11 Apr 2014

The battery is dead as it is not charging. Mains adapter seems to be working so it looks as a repair is needed. Ask for a price first, before accepting the repair, as sometimes cheaper to buy new.

  civicr 10:31 12 Apr 2014

Have you taken the battery out and tried using it then as the battery might have been spiked and refuse to charge.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:02 12 Apr 2014

Is your new adaptor the correct size? what amps volts and wattage does it show on the label?

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