Sony Vaio Aw series, which ?

  mariel2 13:55 06 Jun 2009

Just retired, I am thinking of getting a new laptop. This is for some word processing but mostly for downloding music and also to burn all my dvd and music files collected in my years of working with singers. Watching and listening to the above will be also important. I like Sony Vaio, now I see two models which I can just about afford:Sony VAIO - AW21S/B
and Sony VAIO - AW21MH.
I don't know how to discern the power of both, the amount of memory left to my purpose and how fast will the connection to internet. I am not interested in playing games at all. Can someone advise me please
on this purchase?
Many thanks in advance

  AL47 16:35 07 Jun 2009

those are far more expensive than what you need far far more!

  canarieslover 18:09 07 Jun 2009

If listening to the music is important then I would suggest you go with a desktop and a really good soundcard and speakers unless there is an absolute necessity for selecting a laptop.

  mariel2 21:18 07 Jun 2009

Thank you for your answers. You are very kind.
Laptop is an absolute necessity for me, and at the same time I need something that can replace a desktop, that is why I've thought about the large size screen that Sony have. My query is mostly to do with their
capacity of handling dvd and cd writing from my files.
In the Sony specs. there is an item which concerns me, apparently in a 31 or 32 bit laptop, only 3 out of 4 gb of memory can be used. Also, how much of that memory is dedicated to my purpose? I know, I find it difficult to explain, I like the large Sony screen but I need to know whether, as you rightly say, I am going to pay too much for something that is not worth it.
Best regards.

  AL47 23:03 07 Jun 2009

are you getting memory and storage mixed up?

memory is a function to do with speed,
storage is quantity of data

for example i have 2 hard drives in my laptop, 1 200 and one 300GB thats 500GB,
which is roughly
-6000 hours of music, at mp3 200 kbps average quality
-or for dvds about 150-200 hours
-or compressed dvds 500 films [compressed with no quality loss]

the 32 or 64bit [they are the 2 types] have no bearing on that figure

MEMORY [speed]
this is the figure thats roughly 2, 4, 6, 8GB
my laptop has 4GB, its a 32 bit system, it can see 3.5GB

for reference that enough to play even the latest games well

for you you will want the biggest hard drive and these are upgradeable, ]mine came with an 80GB originally]
a 32 bit system is fine, and probaly better, some software doesnt work with 64 bit systems

hope this helps :)

  mariel2 20:59 08 Jun 2009

Yes, this is very helpful, I know now what I needed to know.
I am really grateful for your time.
Best regards.


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