Sony Tv to Pc, cant view picture

  melrabbit0 22:14 01 Sep 2007

I have just bought a Sony kdl 20s2020 hd tv, with a pc connection.
I have bought a belkin high integrity SVGA monitor lead, plugged both in and the pc will not appear on the Tv.
There is also one more socket on the back of the tv, which in the book says use, not sure as well as the other lead, but I do not know what goes into there????
The screen/tv also comes up as 'out of range'
Help anyone!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:32 01 Sep 2007

If comes up out of range you need to set the graphic settings lower on the PC for your TV to cope.

Refresh rate is usually set too high.

  holme 22:33 01 Sep 2007

This looks like good background reading before you proceed,click here, especially the bit about Powerstrip.

What sort is the "one more socket" on the backa of the TV which you mention?

  melrabbit0 23:13 01 Sep 2007

just found out the 'other socket' is for audio input(minijack), I will have to get one of those as I dont have one at the moment,
I just tried changing the graphincs settigns down, part of the computer appeared on the tv, but it was split, the top was at the bottom, etc and not all in view, also yellow colour,
Getting nearer!

  woodchip 23:22 01 Sep 2007

Control Panel\Display Settings\Settings\Adapter try changing things in there

  ambra4 23:40 01 Sep 2007

You need a native resolution of 1,366 x 768 for the TV’s HD ready status

  melrabbit0 00:02 02 Sep 2007

How do I change it to that, my computer only seems to have 2 fixed settings, biggest is 1024 x 768,

  ambra4 05:29 02 Sep 2007


Base on the manual there is no need to adjust your pc resolution 1024 x 768 would work

To access the PC port you have to go into the Menu /External Inputs see page 19

Select the PC Mode Source, then press center button

PC Adjustment see Page 25 in Manual use the Pitch setting to fill the TV screen

Customizes the TV screen as a PC monitor.

This option is only available if you are in PC Mode.

“Phase”: Adjust the screen when a part of a displayed text or image is not clear.

“Pitch”: Enlarges or shrinks the screen size horizontally.

“H Centre”: Moves the screen to the left or to the right.

“V Lines”: Corrects the picture lines while viewing an RGB input signal from the pc connector.

“Power saving”: Turns to standby mode if no PC signal is received.

“Reset”: Resets to the factory settings.

  ambra4 05:44 02 Sep 2007

This TV have so much sub menus from the maim menu that you will just have to read the the manual and play with the setting to suit yourself

  melrabbit0 10:21 02 Sep 2007

all fixed this morning,
thanks for help.

  ambra4 15:33 02 Sep 2007

Glad to hear enjoy

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