Sony TRV22E Camcorder

  Les 19:14 03 Oct 2004

Does anyone have one of these cameras?

I bought one 8 months ago in the belief that it had both DV IN and DV OUT, now I have the equipment to process my films I find that I cannot download back to the camera tape.

Is it DV IN as well as OUT, it appears not unless you know different. Any advice would be appreciated.


  MichelleC 19:33 03 Oct 2004

You'll need a widget to enable dv in click here

  JonnyTub 19:35 03 Oct 2004

if the camera doesn't support dv-in, then you can't record back to mini dv tape, why not burn to dvd?

  JonnyTub 19:37 03 Oct 2004

sorry you say it does have dv-in

  JonnyTub 19:40 03 Oct 2004
  Les 20:03 03 Oct 2004

No it does not have DV In - at least the Manual does not mention the DV In at all. When I tried to get the data back to the camera the words DV IN did appear on the LCD but went do further and there is no Menu icon or words mentioning DV IN. A widget seems to be the answer so, Michelle, I have emailed DVStuff for their opinion of exactly what is required and how you implement it.

Thanks to you both.

If I try to put it on DVD I get a rendering problem Jonny.


  JonnyTub 20:14 03 Oct 2004

sorry les but no such widget will enable dv-in if the camera doesn't support it in the first place.

  MichelleC 09:01 04 Oct 2004

The widget worked on my TRV120E. The reason some digi camcords don't have dv in enabled in only for export tax purposes.

  Les 11:49 04 Oct 2004

Such is life! Thanks, I'm waiting now for a reply from Sony, who I know from experience, don't exactly rush their replies to emails.

One last thing, re: recording to disk. What type of disk, ie:- a CD or DVD? either or both? with a CD I get an error.


  JonnyTub 12:15 04 Oct 2004

i'd be dubious about this "widget", however MichelleC say's it worked for here, so it's obviously worth a look, sony should point you in the right direction.

MichelleC, how does this widget work, flash the cameras firmware?

  Les 16:00 04 Oct 2004

DV Stuff - the link given by MichelleC pointed me to the list of cameras for which they have widgets - they listed TRV20E/TRV30E - have emailed asking if this covers the TRV22E which, if it does then it states that a widget is not needed.

Clearly there is some confusion here - most likely it's just me <g>. I'm still waiting for Sony to reply for obviously they should know whether it's DV IN enabled or not - I think, as there is no reference to it in the manual or on the various mensu on the camera's LCD then it's not.

I see that earlier, you said that I could put it on a DVD - am I correct in thinking that this answers my query re the type of disk to use?

Thanks for your continued interest.


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