Sony SonicStage software

  jaimie 22:33 19 Mar 2005

I have Sony SonicStage software for transfering MP3s to my Sony Net mini disk player. This software is totally crap-even the latest version. Websites are petisioning Sony to make it work. Does anyone know of an alternative software which will allow drag & drop to a mini disk play plugged into the USB port please?

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Windows Explorer.

Sorry - I am mistaken, I thought it was a USb MP3 stick.

  MIke 23:16 19 Mar 2005

I don't believe such software exists. I tried looking myself after installing Sonic stage as I didn't like the way the original version worked but had no success.

I'm surprised you think the update is crap though, I've had no problems with the program, and find it fast at transferring to MD, and a great way of titling tracks on the disc rather than fiddling with the input dial on my MD recorder. I've been able to transefr MP3's and cd's with no bother. The update is a much nicer program to use than the previous version of SonicStage.

  jaimie 08:22 20 Mar 2005

Thanks mike for your comments. The problem I am having is that when I import a list of mp3s to transfer to disk, most times it will get half way through a trasck and then anounce it was unable to transfer this track but doesn't say why! This is happenning more and more. Sometimes if you try to transfer the same ttrack individually it will do it but this is very time consuming.

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  MIke 09:10 20 Mar 2005

I can't say I've had that problem. I don't know where you get your MP3's but if downloaded are they corrupt? I've only used MP3's created from my own cd's or tracks downloaded from Virgin Downloads and like I say had no problems. I've also used Sony's Connect site on two occasions, only because I had free downloads, and they worked fine.
I don't like using Sony Connect, as you can only burn to cd if you have Sony hardware. That is the one big thing that irritates me about Sonic Stage that's why I use Virgin for legal downloads.

Hiope you get it sorted


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