Sony recovery disk

  Esso43 12:08 25 Apr 2007

Is it possible to get hold of a recovery disk to recover a Sony laptop it is out of Warranty and teh recovery software on the hard drive is failing half way through through the inability to read the image.

Sony are suggesting that I need to send it to them to repair at a min cost of £170 ish and i don't think this is the correct solution as I can install windows xp from a retail version and run the machine.

I cannot use the retail version as the solution as the license is for an OEM version so at this moment I cannot use the machine as teh hard drive recovery software is just not working.

I have asked Sony for a copy of the recovery software but they have not responded yet.

Any ideas how I can check the disk is physically ok or get a copy of teh recovery software? It maybe disk specific which might be a problem.

Alternatively is there any way i can activate the OEM license without a disk from Sony?

  Esso43 12:11 25 Apr 2007

I just realised the last comment might be mis constured as wanting to do something illegal. That is not my intention I just want to get the machine working again and I think I have the rights to use the OEM version of teh windows license I have with the machine, I am just very frustrated at this momnet.

  sunny staines 14:24 25 Apr 2007

what model do you have someone might have one.

  Esso43 15:04 25 Apr 2007


oops should have posted that one it is about 2 years old.

  sunny staines 18:58 25 Apr 2007

the wife has a sony "vgn-fe21b" a different model only one year old i dont think the restore discs would work. but hold on some one might have this model that can post you a copy.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 20:41 25 Apr 2007

Can you get the restore info from VAIO update and software downloads.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 20:42 25 Apr 2007

sorry just read your hard drive problem.

  Esso43 20:59 25 Apr 2007

Should have mentioned that I tried to download off the Sony support download site but that download won't work :(

Can anybody else get it to work?

  sunny staines 06:55 26 Apr 2007

has your local shopping centre got a sony centre? our local one is very helpful they may be able to download or provide you with one without charge.

  Esso43 10:14 26 Apr 2007

I think i will try that this weekend.


  zebbydog 18:04 04 May 2007

i have a sony vaio pcg FX 802 and tried the recovery disc's there are 4 discs and disc one stops at 18% looks like the disc is damaged any one no where i can get disc 1 please as they ony sell the 4 for £25


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