sony pocket and sony click-to-dvd

  geedad 14:50 30 Apr 2005

I am using Sony Giga Pocket Explorer to create DVDs in conjuction with Sony Click-to-Dvd.
I have been through the process of updating and ensuring that all the advice given by Sony has been correctly used.
However, I find that although I have managed to make a couple of DVDs (which can be played back on my stand-alone player), my current attemps are failng miserably. The whole process seems to be working until the software reaches the point where it needs to "create the DVD on the hard drive"...but there it stays!
Any clues to solve the problem would be appreciated.
Windows XP Home - Sony software supplied with PC.
All data saves to separate "d" drive ( 120G )

  TURNERR 15:39 31 Jan 2006

did you resolved the issue? I am currently encountering the same problem ie am using Sony Giga Pocket Explorer to create DVDs in conjuction with Sony Click-to-Dvd and find the whole process seems to be working until the software reaches the point where it needs to "create the DVD on the hard drive"...but there it stays!
Any clues to solve the problem would be appreciated.

  geedad 22:21 31 Jan 2006

Welcome,TURNERR. Thanks for your interest. The quick answer to your question is...NO!
When I first contacted SONY, during the guarantee period,the representatives always appeared helpful, but their suggestions always seemed to revolve around restoring the system to its original state. Thsi meant uninstalling Sp2,then reinstalling Windows XP (Home), then installing 'Click-to-DvD' then Sp2 again!!
I DID try that and it was a very time-consuming period. 'Click - to - DVD' worked - for a very brief period - then failed at the same point that we are now discussing I.E "create the DVD on the hard drive....".
I spent many more weeks trying to get it to work, including the following suggestions:
Save to a Hard Drive with plenty of disc space.
Ensure all screen savers are disabled.
Close all other running programs, including Anti-Virus etc. software or auto updates, which may interfere with the process.
I am sure that if I had pursued this further with Sony, they would have eventually sent a rep to my home to try to solve the problem.Sony IS a very good company and will try to put it right. However, life is too short and,in the end, I purchased an excellent DVD Author program called TMPG DVD AUTHOR BUNDLE PACK from click here ( Boxed ver 1.6 ). This is a wonderful piece of software and I now have no worries when making my home movies. it WILL author GIGA POCKET files to playable DVDs - with ease and excellent sound and video output.If you go to the Puresoft Website, you can download a trial version (1.6) for one month. If you like it (I'm sure you will ) order the BOXED VERSION 1.6 - you can then have the disc to hand if you need it ant time in the future.
NB. UNINSTAL 'CLICK-TO-DVD' before installing TMPG .
A couple of further points for your interest - I use ADOBE PREMIERE 6 LE to convert my Digital camera movies (.mov ) to .mpg files then use TMPG to author them to playable DVDs.
If anything that I have sent you is not clear, please let me know.

  TURNERR 11:16 01 Feb 2006

thanks. helpful and very clear. will give this a try and let you know the outcome!

  TURNERR 09:51 02 Feb 2006

thanks - tried this and downloaded the trial. Accurately records to the DVD with no problem, BUT I can't then play this DVD on my home players (plays fine on the PC but not on any of the 3 players I have tried or on either of the 2 different disc types I tried). Any thoughts?! (given your initial advice was extremely helpful!)

  geedad 15:44 02 Feb 2006

Wow! Sorry to learn that!
Can you please let me know which writing drive you are using, also the manufacturers of the home DVD players?
Also, confirm that you are using Giga Pocket Explorer capsules when attempting to create home DVDs with TMPG.
I now only use DVD-R for my home videos,and, although I have used both DVD-RW and DVD+RW for testing purposes for finished DVDs on the PC, I have found DVD-Rs to be most reliable ( and of course, permanent ) and to work with MOST home players.
You DO need to check a few things from the 'Help' section from the 'Options' menu,and I strongly recommend reading them.
I am sorry that you are experiencing this problem. I can honestly say that all of the input that I have used with TMPG has been highly succesful, and I have converted my .mov files, TV programmes - from GIGA - and even my old tapes from my video recorder to GIGA POCKET, then to TMPG for a wonderful end result!
I do, however, find it strange that your authored files do not work on your home DVDs.
Please feel free to come back to me.

  geedad 15:50 02 Feb 2006

Just a thought!
Did you actually click on the 'Create DVD' dialog box to burn the DVD?
If not, you may have just created .mpg files which WILL run on your PC, using Windows Media or InterVideo WinDVD ...!!

  geedad 19:27 02 Feb 2006

Here I am again!
I have just done a dummy run of a GIGA POCKET EXPLORER capsule of a 2 minute TV clip. I have examined some of the settings that were used by TMPG to produce, once more, a perfect playable DVD, and I will outline them here.
This may help you, but we'll see.
When I 'ADD' a GIGA POCKET CAPSULE the settings for the 'ADD clip' dialog box shows the Clip name.
Video Input file name D:\GIGA POCKET 5\ "file name" ( as clip name)
Video Input format: MPEG-2 720x576 25fps(4:3}PAL 3670kbps
AUDIO Input file name:D:\GIGA POCKET 5\"file name"
AUDIO Input format:MPEG-1 Audio layer 2 48000Hz Stereo. 256kbps
AUDIO Input type: Stereo {2 channel)
The TMPG DVD Author "File Name" Dialog Box:
. Create a sub-folder named [Volume XXXXX] (This is clicked)
DVD capacity display type.
. 4.7 GB DVD media ( I am assuming you are using a single-sided capacity)
Folder settings:
Temporary folder: C:\Documents and Settins\John\Local Settings\Temp

The above data are what is shown on my various settings and which achieve the desired effect.
Check yours.
Good Luck!

  TURNERR 07:19 05 Feb 2006

thanks - have played around with it (and though not entirely sure what I was doing wrong) I have fixed it to work properly. thanks for your help

  geedad 10:09 05 Feb 2006

Funny old things,PCs, aren't they!!
Good luck with your DVDs - always feel free to come back if you need any more help, but try this in future:
and go to guides - there are a couple of excellent guides for various things to do with TMPG.

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