Sony NW-HD3 mp3 player

  patsyanne 16:36 15 Jul 2005

Does any one else have one of these MP3 players ? its driving me crazy trying to work it out if i put a cd in my computer then get the MP3 to install it the whole computer crashes. i have no songs on my hard disc they are all on cds and every one makes the computer crash anyone have any idea what i am doing wrong,please

  radi8or 20:20 15 Jul 2005


What software player are you using to rip from CD
to your hard drive.


  patsyanne 20:34 15 Jul 2005

Its the software that came with this MP3 i emailed someone who put a question on this web site about the same player and thank god he emailed back and said its the software its hopeless, Sonic, but i am now working round it with his help, the mp3 player does have a good write up but the software is the big problem,I will tick the box cause hopefully i solved it or else thrown the thing in the bin !thanks radi8or

  Danoh 23:36 15 Jul 2005

It will be very useful for others with the same problem to see what the resolution is. Would you be able to find your helper's question and link it to this question of yours?

The way to do it is to open his question. Then at the top of your browser is an "Address" box with the address which will start with "http:// click here .. etc".

Highlight it and copy it by pressing the "Ctrl" and "C" keys on your keyboard.

Then come back to this question of yours and in a new response box, "Ctrl" and "V" to paste the address in. That will generate the words "Click here" with a direct link to that other question.

  Danoh 23:38 15 Jul 2005

Did not put enough spaces in my example of the Address to be copied "http:// www. / index.cfm?go = discuss.thread etc".

  patsyanne 08:24 16 Jul 2005

does anyone own or know about the new sony mp3 20GB player. In particular if they've have sorted out the problem that it couldn't play mp3s but only atrac? sony said that they would be sorting out the software so that it would play mp3s but i don't know if they mean sony's connect software run on the computer, or the players own software. why i want to know is im planning on buying one but want to know that if i buy one now will i be stuck with having to convert all my mp3s to atrac.
cheers for any help you can give me, also if there are any pros or cons of the player that would also be useful (comparisons with the media player there bringing out also welcome)

  patsyanne 08:31 16 Jul 2005

So i emailed him to see if he ahd bought one and he replied and said yes .Sony NW-HD3 uses Sonic to install the songs on to the MP3 Atrac 3plus?Mp3 and he had the same problem as me as soon as you try to put music into the mp3 the computer crashed every time !.the next paragraph is what he kindly emailed me .........................
bought the Sony NW-HD3 and had a similar problem with the software as it
sounds you're having. I love the player but the SonicStage software is
totally unrealiable and prone to cause your computer to crash. The way i get
around it is to use musicmatch (click here (or you could use Windows
Media Player or Real OnePlayer or Winamp) as my default player on my
computer (i.e. the player i use to rip (copy music from CD to the harddrive)
and listen to music) and then when i want to transfer music to the unit I
load sonicstage and wait for it to fully load and then import the music
already on my harddrive by using File->Import->Folder and then wait and
don't move the mouse or use the keyboard until its imported everything (this
is the worst time for crashes). Then you can transfer your music onto the
unit. Its pretty annoying but at least you don't have to use I-Tunes and you
get a much nicer MP3player into the bargain.

  Danoh 11:32 16 Jul 2005

Thank you for that patsyanne! I see its a rather old posting click here which I will also link into this one (as described above). He had resolved it by himself but strictly speaking could still do a Green Tick as you have done.

I happen to be on the lookout for an MP3 player for my son and your post has been most useful ~ thank you.

  patsyanne 13:17 16 Jul 2005

Danoh i have got it working ok now just a bit complicated for me to work it out but gillersuk who i emailed helped me a lot and my brother <god i am sounding like Gywneth Paltro > I didnt fancy a ipod and nearly bought the iriver but its ok now the computer isnt crashing now it does have a bad write up about the software.Cute little thing though.

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