Sony NetMD and OpenMG Software - removal

  Brian-336451 11:23 08 Apr 2004

I made the mistake of borrowing a Sony MiniDisc from my son-in-law to evaluate it. The quality of the playback was excellent, but moving music on and off it was a nightmare.

So, I tried to uninstall it of my laptop, what a nightmare, it wouldn't go, so I tried a re-install just in case the uninstall failed first time round.

Fact is now, I'm stuck between the rock and the hard place, I can't install it because it complains that the database is missing (it is) so I ticked create new one - and it doesn't, it just freezes.

I can't fully uninstall it either as it seems to leave bits of itself all over the place.

Is this normal? I've even tried the so-called uninstall patch which also seems to do a whole bunch of nothing too.

It might be me - but Sony - get your act together you can sort out software better than this - OR IS IT ME?

  temp003 11:39 08 Apr 2004

Can't help you but just telling you my limited experience.

I was actually given one as a present just last week. I know it's looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I didn't really want it because I knew you had to use Sony's own ATRAC format, which means, if I wanted to use the NetMD function, I would have to install their software and re-encode my CDs to their omg files (and I have most of my CDs converted to mp3 already).

Well I installed Sonic Stage anyway on my laptop. It's really bloated, and takes an age to load. Once loaded, it's OK and simple to use. But I'd rather have mp3 any day.

If it's XP as well on your laptop (I use w2k but it should be the same), I remember that the database files are placed by default in one of the subfolders in c:\documents and settings\all users.

I don't have my laptop here, but when I get home, I'll have a look to see if I can help.

  temp003 15:25 08 Apr 2004

I've just had a quick look and I know what you mean. I did a search on files created on the day I installed it and they are all over the place. In Add/Remove Programs there are 5 items related to it. Did a quick search through the registry and the entries are endless. What's more, some of the registry entries are useless stuff to do with memory stick and VAIO ???

  mikeyb59 16:16 08 Apr 2004

I have a Sony NetMD player and am very happy with it. However, following your post I did look at the software installation and have to agree that it is all over the place.

The only thing I can suggest is that as you are no longer using the software why not just ignore it? I have found that it won't interfere with anything else so I see no problem.

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