Sony laptop way 2 delicate

  PIE THROWER 22:35 28 May 2009

I bought a Sony VGN-NS20Z laptop earlier this year. Unfortunately the screen cracked after I stood on it for a millisecond after leaving it out on the floor).

Shouldn't a laptop have a stiff outer casing that can resist wear,tear and the odd accident - my old laptop would have survived fine. I would expect damage to the outer part but instead it looks absolutely fine outwardly and works likewise except for the cracks.

Any thoughts ? Sony aren't interested when I think they should be.

Thanks for your patience !

  tonynoarm 22:47 28 May 2009

I would not have told Sony you trod on it. As you only purchased it this year it would still be under warranty. I would have said the hinges went tight and you really struggled to open it, which caused the screen to split. Can you claim off your household insurance?

  AL47 23:12 28 May 2009

not that it helps but i had 2 experiences with laptops, a cheap dell, and my expensive one, cheap one was weak, it even showed ripples on the lcd when you opened it,

my top range dell, i dropped it down our 10 pine stairs whilst on, bashed into a skirting board, had one 1cm mark on it after,

theres certainly discrepancy between laptops!!

id do what tonynoarm said, do not mention you stood on it!

  Marko797 06:05 29 May 2009

Similar happened to my wife's Sony laptop. She has a Vaio CR15 series, and yes they are very weak at the edges of the screen, and maybe should be more resilient than they are. Need to treat it with 'kid gloves'. In contrast my BX51XP is much more sturdy. Try and find a local repairer for the new screen, as Sony will want somewhere in the region of £600 - not much less than a new laptop really! We got a genuine Sony blackscreen for £200 fitted.

Disagree with tonynoarm; the warranty does not cover screen damage - I had a bit of a wrangle with them on this point, but lost out. Sony will want to inspect the machine and make a decision based on what they find. They will inevitably attribute it user damage then offer to charge u the above huge amount to repair and ship back. Therefore, best bet to try n find a local lappy repairer.

It's an expensive lesson I know, but nxt time I'm sure u'll keep ur feet away from the laptop in future :)

  PIE THROWER 08:30 30 May 2009

Thanks for your thoughts. My main gripe really is how flexible the the outer shell is - It shouldn't bend if you apply a little pressure. To me that is a fault in itself. Aren't all laptops supposed to have a hard/tough shell ?
What I find shocking is how unhelpful Sony are (email and phone).Reading from a script and sending stock/template based messages and not answering questions posed. Customer service anyone ?!?
Anyway is there any difference having an independent dealer fixing it over a Sony approved ?
Thanks again for taking the time.

  Technotiger 08:38 30 May 2009

is there any difference having an independent dealer fixing it over a Sony approved ?

... probably cheaper at the Independant.

  Marko797 21:40 31 May 2009

Can't really see the point in griping - the machine is made the way it is, and that's that, sadly.

In answer to ur 2nd question; if I could have sourced a screen I would have fitted it myself, with hindsight, & especially after having watched the technician fit it in a relatively short time.

All u need is a tiny cross point screwdriver in reality.

As the screen isn't covered by warranty for your current condition, what's the point of having Sony do it for you, & charge u an arm & a leg for something which can be done for a 3rd of that price? Choice is urs, but my advice wud be not to be too precious about these things.

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