Sony DVD Upgrade

  carryduff 14:36 09 May 2007

I Have just upgraded my old Sony CD rewriter to the newer DVD model. It did'nt include any software, drivers etc. Everything seems to be working fine but I just wondered if I needed to download a seperate driver or anything as windows has'nt recognised the new hardware yet.Thanks to all.

hi upgrade your fipmware/drivers,look for your model number at
click here

  Totally-braindead 16:30 09 May 2007

Windows just uses a standard CDROM driver for all optical drives theres no need to update anything.
You might need to update or replace your disk burning program however depending on what you use to create disks.
Windows own burning program will probably still work with it but it can only do CDs not DVDs.

  carryduff 22:08 09 May 2007

Thanks all, you've been a great help

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