Is Sony DVD RW drive DW-U10a or DRU 500A?

  Rogmur 21:02 10 Apr 2004

Greetings Forum Members

I am hoping to use DVD+R disks with my Sony internal (Mesh PC)Drive.
But I am told that DVD+R disks may not work properly with my drive which is a DW-U10A.
Do I need to download special "firmware" updates to burn to the disk?
I have not been able to download any updates rom Mesh website (what's new?).

Or will it be ok to go ahead and use the drive with the DVD+R disks?
Sorry to sound so indecisive but these DVD manufacturer's really cause anxiety regarding these things?
Thanks to you all in advance
Rogmur DVD+Confused

  arricarry 22:10 10 Apr 2004

Like so many burners some brands work and some have problems. With a bit of trial and error you will find a brand or brands that will work fine in your burner. I think the DRU500A is the full retail version and the DW-U10A is OEM of the same model. I had a DW-U14A but was able to convert it to a DRU510A with a downloaded Firmware Hack, then could upgrade official Sony firmware upgrades from their site. Do not know if any available for the U10A, might be worth a search, worked really well.

  arricarry 22:20 10 Apr 2004
  Rogmur 22:44 10 Apr 2004

Hi all,

I have been told that my DVD RW drive (DW-U10A) may not be compatible with "Imation DVD+R" discs,
regarding 4x speeds.

I have thought about downloading the Firmware update, but do not want to screw up my drive.

Thanks to you all


  arricarry 22:50 10 Apr 2004

It is a concern, had reservations about it, but it seemed so many people did it without a problem I gave it a whirl. As I said it worked first time without a hitch and as its firmware it never reverts after a restore or reload etc.

  Boluwd 01:23 11 Apr 2004

Check out the compatibility at the following link

click here

  Boluwd 01:27 11 Apr 2004

Can't get your link to work!?

  hugh-265156 01:41 11 Apr 2004

why do you say in the thread title:

"Is Sony DVD RW drive DW-U10a or DRU 500A?"

and then say its a DW-U10a in the thread?

are you not sure?

what is you make and model of pc?

did the drive come pre installed with the computer or is it an add on drive you added yourself?

"A" in the sony drive model no. usually indicates its a retail model.i may be wrong.

  arricarry 10:50 11 Apr 2004

Your right - was working when I posted it. Perhaps everybody with a 10A is trying to upgrade and swamped the site.

  arricarry 10:52 11 Apr 2004

Go to Google and do your own search, loads of pages

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