sony dvd dw-d56a has gone mad

  NoRemorse 17:41 27 Jul 2007

I have a Sony Viao VGS FS 195XP with a sony dvd dw-d56a CD/DVD drive. I have had it from new for 18 months and have probably only burnt about 10 cd,s and dvd's since then.

Basically, all of a sudden (since it went to shop for a new keyboard) it will not play dvd's at all, the drive always shows as empty even if i have a complete dvd, blank dvd or blank cd-r in it. Strangely, it still plays audio cd's. It will not burn data, music cd's now or dvd's. I get various error messages from all different programs when trying to burn.

Incidentally, my battery is dying so it is on obviously, but laptop is always plugged into mains because it has to be to stay on.

Error messages when burning:Nero

[14:52:13] NeroVision 14:51:37 #23 CDR -1106 File Writer.cpp, Line 303
[14:52:13] NeroVision Power calibration error
[14:52:13] NeroVision F: SONY DVD RW DW-D56A

[14:52:13] NeroVision 14:51:40 #27 Phase 38 File APIProgress.cpp, Line 285
[14:52:13] NeroVision Burn process failed at 6x (8,310 KB/s)

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