sony dvd burner advice

  ted bear 19:58 06 May 2004

hi i have bought a sony oem dw-u18a multi format dvd burner and i have just found out that sony have issued a fix that increases speed of burning for -r from 4 x to 8 x but the site only covers the retail model ie the dru-530a does anybody know if this download fix would be suitable for my oem model?

  ted bear 23:22 06 May 2004

i dont really understand your reply - when i looked at google they were comparing a sony dw-u18a to a pioneeer liteon not saying it was a rebadged liteon

  ted bear 23:26 06 May 2004

back to my original thread i have a Sony dw-u18a which is the oem version of the retail sony dru-530 will the firmware flash for the dru-530 work on my oem version?

  ted bear 00:16 07 May 2004

what is a rebadged liteon ? i read that my drive was an oem version of a dru-530 is that wrong ? my specs match those of the dru-530a ?

  ted bear 00:35 07 May 2004

sorry im a bit thick but does this mean i can flash my dvd to write at 8 x -r or just makeb it into a retail liteon ?

  ted bear 00:50 07 May 2004

sorry about the length of this but does this mean my dvd will already record at 8 x -r ?
LITE-ON IT CORP., the professional ODD manufacturer of DVD & Ultra-Speed CD-RW / COMBO ReWriters, releases its latest ATAPI / E-IDE 8x DVD Dual Drive with all of the fastest DVD recordable media support: SOHW-812S. This DVD Dual Drive is able to write DVD+R & DVD-R media at 8x maximum, rewrite DVD+RW & DVD-RW media at 4x, and read DVD-ROM media at 12x maximum. It takes around 10 minutes to backup 4.7 GB data on a certified DVD+R / DVD-R media at 8x. It can save you a lot of time and trouble for data storage. This drive is not only a powerful DVD ReWriter but also an Ultra-Speed CD-RW drive. It can write CD-R media at 40x maximum, rewrite Ultra-Speed CD-RW media at 24x maximum, and read CD-ROM media at 40x maximum. SOHW-812S has the best CD-R & CD-RW writing / rewriting performance in the current market of true 8x DVD Dual ReWriters.

  ted bear 01:00 07 May 2004

sorry about length of above but i dont know how to do a click here link yet

  ted bear 01:21 07 May 2004

thanks for the help - im in no hurry - i was just going to buy some more discs and wondered if i should get 8 x or 4 x. i think ill get 8 x and see if they burn any there any advantage to converting to retail version apart from applying updates ? do u know anything about liteon ? cos iv never heard of them before.

  ted bear 01:39 07 May 2004

for the time being ill leave things as they are - i had never heard of re badging of oem products before. i must admit i have been very pleased with this dvd writer up to now (touch wood).i was just a bit confused as to who made it and who to go to for support.
thanks for your patience, time and effort.

  hugh-265156 02:15 07 May 2004

for the Sony DVD RW DW-U18A (OEM SOHW-812S)this bios download "UYS1" gives you the following:





dated Feb 10th 2004 from here click here under "s" for sony

actual download from above is click here

  ted bear 06:06 07 May 2004

my sony dw-u18a already has UYS1 after its name so i presume its already got this upgrade? i only bought it about 2 weeks ago. ill get the 8 x discs and watch it fly (hopefully). im sure most people dont realise about rebadged oem products - i certainly didnt! iv checked price of liteon 812s against what i paid for "sony" and it was same price so at least i didnt get ripped off as well as confused.

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