Sony digital camera - software will not install

  James-299039 22:32 08 Mar 2004

My son recently bought a Sony DSC P 10 digital camera. It operates properly but he cannot get the software to load onto his computer in order to view etc the images.

His OS is Windows XP Home Edition.

Partway through installation of the software he received a message to install winaspi (whatever that is) and then reboot. He did this to be told it had not initialised and to try again. He rebooted again and this time the image icons appeared on screen. He then plugged in the digital camera via USB and was told it had found the new software.

The Found New Software Wizard appeared but it said it could not find software on the computer for Sony DSC. He tried another USB with the same result, but this time a note appeared saying the problem occurred during hardware installation, hardware may not work properly.

We later installed the same software onto my computer which has OS Windows Me and it installed and operated properly with the camera via USB.

Can anyone suggest what the hardware problem might be, if indeed it is the hardware, and any suggestions for overcoming it. I hope I have explained it coherently enough to make some sort of sense.

He has contacted the camera store but they are not helpful, blaming his computer.

  frasernet 22:37 08 Mar 2004

hi, i think that you dont need to install hardware, i may be wrong but when you plug the camera in via usb, xp should recognise it and load what it needs, then a window will appear like it would with a cd offering 'what would you like to do' simply click on the digital pictures wizard and wollah! away you go. failing that you may need to visit the sony website to download any software relating to xp. good luck!

  smudge101 23:02 08 Mar 2004

Aspi is a file to do with CD rewriting. I guess that your software allows burning stiaght to CD.
As Frasernet so rightly pointed out you can in XP access your pictures without special software installed. It sounds to me though that you have this option switched off.
Another way is to go into 'My Computer' and the camera (or rather the cameras memory) will be listed as a removable drive. just navigate to your pictures as if they were on a CD or hard drive.
P.S. If you install any version of Nero the aspi file will be installed automatically and you should be able to install your software.
Hope this helps

  Dragon Heart 23:18 08 Mar 2004

frasernet is correct, XP Home should recognise the camera without the SONY software.

Suggest you uninstall software, reboot PC and try again.

Plug in camera and when it asks for software put CD ROM into drive.

The camera memory should appear on My Computer as a new disk

Good luck

  James-299039 11:16 09 Mar 2004

Thank you for these suggestions.

I will pass them to my son.

Once again, many thanks.

  James-299039 22:15 13 Mar 2004

The above suggestions have now been tried but unfortunately the thing still does not work.

The latest situation is a code 28 error message. Is there any significance to this?

Thanks again for any suggestions.

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