Sony Digital Camera DSC T1

  sheila.weston 14:10 09 Apr 2004

I have just bought the new Sony DSC T1 Camera and everything seems to be going fine, but I can't understand the manual's directions about disconnecting the camera from the computer after the files have been downloaded. Can't I just remove the camera from the cradle? I tried following the directions (p 80 of the manual)about double-clicking the icon on the task tray, selectin Sony DSC and clicking OK, but things seem to freeze at that point. There is an egg-timer in the window, but nothing happens.

Eventually I turned off the power on the camera and removed it from the cradle. I would like to leave the cradle in situ and just fit in the camera when I want to download. Can I do this?

  woodchip 14:49 09 Apr 2004

If it's a USB you can just pull the plug after the light on the camera stops flashing. If you remove it while it's flashing you will not have downloade all the photo's

  woodchip 14:50 09 Apr 2004

on your last part of your post, if USB I would say yes

  Diemmess 17:19 09 Apr 2004

Even if it is a USB connection,........if the 'focus' is on the downloaded pictures, and they have not actually been saved on the HD ...............i.e. the computer is still referring to the camera memory for data, so it may well freeze when you switch off the camera or disconnect anything without changing the "Focus" away from those particular pics.

Save the files..........Delete them........ or simply close them, and you should then be able to do what you want with the camera.

  sheila.weston 17:51 09 Apr 2004

Many thanks. I feel that it should be a case of just disconnecting the usb cable, (or just turning off and removing from the cradle) as woodchip suggests. So I wonder why Sony doesn't just say that, instead of telling one to go into this other window *before* disconnecting the cable.

Is there any reason why I can't just turn off the power on the camera and remove it from the cradle while the USB is still connected to the cradle. I don't want to 'break' the camera in the first week!! At this stage I am not too worried about losing the pictures, although the images downloaded OK..

Is there anyone out there who has this camera?


  sheila.weston 17:55 09 Apr 2004

Does anyone know if Sony has a support site? I have registered and can't see any contact on their website, except for FAQs.

  sheila.weston 11:28 13 Apr 2004

On Saturday I 'phoned the shop where I bought the camera to see what THEY said and got the same reply as you - they said it was OK to disconnect the USB cable etc. They were 'doing it all the time'.

I then took 52 trial 'photos and put the camera in the cradle. Image Transfer started up and began to copy. After the first three images (which I had copied already) it froze and, although the indicator light on the PC was flashing, nothing else happened.

I tried removing the camera using the method in the manual, but got the error message: Problem ejecting Sony DFC. The device Sony DFC cannot be stopped because of an unknown error. Since this device is still being used do not remove it!!!

The manual is rather confusing as there are different pages referring to the same action, so I will be going through it again. I have telephoned the shop and, of course, they are now talking about conflicts in my computer and referring me to the Sony Help Line which is, of course, very busy. I have Windows XP, an Epson 3200 scanner and a Canon S900 printer - also a Canon BJC 620.

I will mark this thread as 'resolved', in that one should NOT remove the camera without going through the Sony method BUT what one does if the window freezes and it doesn't work, I don't know!

  accord 12:19 13 Apr 2004


On my DCS V1, i plug the usb lead into the socket. I then look in "my computer" and the sony is there as drive F. The display on the camera shows USB normal mode with 5 or 6 dots lit up. I then open the files from explorer.

I would however, recommend buying an external card reader. Its so so so so simply to just plug the memory stick into the reader and go from there, plus you dont have to have the camera turned on to do this, thus saving battery life.

Hope this helps and enjoy the camera

  anchor 12:33 13 Apr 2004

As accord suggests, a USB card reader would be the easiest way of downloading pics from your camera. It the method of choice for many on this forum, including myself. Not expensive!.

  sheila.weston 09:37 15 Apr 2004

Many thanks for your comments and suggestions. Yes, I will be buying a card-reader in due course.

I have managed to sort out the problem, but am not absolutely sure how. Reading the small-print in the manual it says that if several USB items are connected there may be a problem, so I disconnected all the USB plugs, then reconnected the cradle, put the camera in the cradle and turned it on. All the pictures downloaded OK. I then turned off the camera and clicked on the icon in the task bar, then on DSC in the window and hey presto I was told to remove the camera. I am wondering if I didn't turn the camera off before clicking on the icon when I got the error message.

Yes, 'accord', the DSC is shown as drive G in my computer, but it wasn't showing there earlier, so perhaps the problem *was* something to do with the other ?3 USBs.

Anyway, 'problem solved' and thank you for your support.


  Rigga 11:04 15 Apr 2004

Hi Shiela,

I've just got my DSC-T1.. and I'm not sure why you would want to purchase a seperate card reader.

The docking station acts just like a card reader anyway.

As long as you turn off the camera before disconnecting from the cradle all should be fine.
Well it has been with mine anyway.

Just thought I'd let you know.

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