Sony Camcorder Woes With Windows Vista

  Wirral Bagpuss 08:05 22 Feb 2008

I bought a new PC last year that came with Windows Vista 32 bit edition and have had no problems. The other day i blew the dust off my camcorder which is the Sony handicam (dcr-pc105e PAL) and installed the software that came with the oaxkage. However the usb connections wont talk to my PC when i want to transfer film from my camcorder to the pc. I have looked for a software patch via the sony website with no joy. Help !!.

Am i gonna have to invest in a new camcorder that is compaitable with windows vista? If so what do you recommend?. I would be looking at getting a DVD or HD camcorder as my next upgrade!

Hoping someone can help before i use the upgrade option !!

  wotbus@ 08:56 22 Feb 2008

This post may be better on the Vista forum...
With future-proofing in mind, I think the HD camcorder would be the way to go.
With regard to your problem:
Is the software compatible with Vista? You say you blew the dust off so one can only assume it's perhaps getting on a bit and maybe low-tech by modern standards.
You could try this:
Remove any software you have installed relative to the camcorder the power down. Connect your camcorder in the normal way and switch it on, then power up your computer and see if Windows recognises the new hardware. If it does, follow the prompts to install the software from the disc.
If it doesn't post back.

  wotbus@ 08:57 22 Feb 2008

Sorry, typo. Make that "camcorder THEN power down.

  Bagsey 08:57 22 Feb 2008

Unless I am mistaken Sony always used Firewire for downloading to your computer. They may have changed as I dont have a Sony now. Worth a look though.

  Bagsey 09:00 22 Feb 2008

I meant to add that the USB port was usually intended to download stills if your camera had a memory card (SD)

  Technotiger 10:15 22 Feb 2008

Hi, my Sony camcorder connects to PC via Firewire cable. As your PC is quite new it may well have Firewire built-in, but if not it is possible to add Firewire ... click here

  anchor 14:06 22 Feb 2008

My Sony camcorder also uses Firewire. This may possibly be the answer.

  Wirral Bagpuss 21:35 22 Feb 2008

YES YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quapla !!! It worked. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! The solution was to use the firewire cable. Thnak goodness. I went into work today really annoyed with myself and everyone at work could not understand why i was in such a foul mood !!! Now i can rest easy and start enjoying my camcorder again !!! Steven Speilberg watch out !! VBG !!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer my post. It is much appreciated. By the way is a dvd camcorder that much better than a mini dv camcorder in terms of quality? Just a thought...

Anyhow thanks once again. i can now rest easy!!

  Technotiger 21:46 22 Feb 2008

Personally I prefer mini-dv, one can use the same tape many times without too much loss of definition, whereas dvd can only be used once, unless you use dvdrw - in which case the dvdrw needs careful handling, scratches etc, and liable to corruption so causing loss of video!

  woodchip 22:02 22 Feb 2008

My JVC works with USB2 or Firewire, it uses mini tape and captures till photos also to same tape as video

  anchor 08:58 23 Feb 2008

I would agree with Technotiger; go with mini-dv.

As a bonus, equivalent models using mini-dv models are usually less expensive.

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