sony cam corder will not record on adobe premier

  andy63walsh 15:17 20 Jul 2007

sony cam corder will not record on adobe premier, i don't even think it knows its connected, any ideas ?

  audeal 16:06 20 Jul 2007

Maybe it is not combatable with you camera. I had this trouble some years ago and gave up on Premier. I now use Ulead Video Studio 7.

  andy63walsh 08:23 21 Jul 2007

thanks, is this a free one or do you pay for it ?

  Bagsey 09:00 21 Jul 2007

Check out this for ulead 7
click here

  Bagsey 09:13 21 Jul 2007

I find it very hard to believe that your Sony is not accepted but Premier. Can you give us a run down on your computer equipment and the camera that you are using.Then we may be better able to give more help.
The problem with Ulead 7 is that you can not make DVDs you are limited to VCDs.
You would need to move up the releases to write DVDs.

  andy63walsh 10:54 21 Jul 2007

Bagsey, Hi, I have a pentium 4 cpu 3.00 GHZ, 1.21280mb mem, 60 gb hard drive and an extra 280gb on a plug in drive. I use the sony i link cable from the micro mv socket on the camcorder to the laptop socket. Do you need more info ?
I also have the software that came with the camcorder, the sony mgi videowave III, but that does not seem to work either.

  Bagsey 10:47 22 Jul 2007

Looking at your set up all would appear to be OK.
Have you tried to capture video into Windows Movie Maker, which you will have as part of windows XP It is not very good as an editor but if you cant capture into that then you will need to look further into whether your laptop has in fact got a firewire card installed.
I would try to get a short bit of video into wmm to prove the point. Let us know how you get on with that.

  Bagsey 08:02 23 Jul 2007

One thing that I forgot to ask was which sony camera are you using. Is it digital or analogue???(Please give Camera model number). If it is analogue then that is the answer to your problem. You need a capture device. Please come back if I am getting any nearer to the fault you are experiencing.

  andy63walsh 09:30 23 Jul 2007

Hi Bagsey,

The camera is a sony DCR-IP7E.

  andy63walsh 18:30 23 Jul 2007

Windows movie maker says 'error' it can't find the device.

  Bagsey 22:24 23 Jul 2007

First off I am sorry to have taken so long in replying but we have been away from home for the day. I think that I have found out what your problem is but not the answer to it. Read this link and you will see what I mean. It has something to do with the video format that the canera uses. Anyway have a read of this and then I suggest that you join the forum that the writer moderates. I used it for a number of years and got a lot of help.
click here
It appears that Ulead Video Studio 8 upwards supports your camera's video format. I hope that this is of help to you.

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