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  Nonagon 10:27 06 Jul 2006

I have a considerable amount of music saved in this digital music manager. It worked fine for well over a year recording,burning cds etc. etc.

Over the last while I had problems with viruses and downloaded avast! and previx to deal with them.

Coincidentally,or not, when I went back to Sonic Stage it started to open show the library screen but if I clicked on a track to play it went into "programme not responding " mode and I've had to close it off the task bar or task manager using "end programme" icannnot play ,download or record any tracks at all.

It seems to be frozen at the first ,library screen-anyone any ideas please?

  vinnyT 10:43 06 Jul 2006


  Nonagon 10:51 06 Jul 2006

Would this impair access to the library tracks?

  vinnyT 12:49 06 Jul 2006

Check the sony website for a faq/forum.

I don't know, not used SS for a long time, it shouldn't as the tracks will still be on the drive after you've removed SS, you will just have to point SS at the tracks after you've re-installed.

If you do re-install, check on the sony site that you have the most up to date version.

Hope this helps.

  patsyanne 13:47 06 Jul 2006

I dont use sonic stage anymore nothing but trouble i use Vaio drag and drop .

  woodchip 13:51 06 Jul 2006

I would suggest you try to load it over the top of it's self

  Nonagon 15:47 06 Jul 2006

I dont have Vaio drag n drop and again does that mean everything in my library's at risk if I install it. I'm gonna try reinstalling sonic stge and see how we get on.

  Nonagon 16:05 06 Jul 2006

That worked thanks guys

  vinnyT 13:44 07 Jul 2006

Welcome, glad it worked.

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