Sonic DLA

  baldyx 23:39 22 May 2005

My dell Dimension 3000 (Windows xp) came installed with the above software. Sometime it keep asking me to format a CD which have already been formatted and used for storing data. Recently it also corrupted a cd/rw while I was saving data to it.
and so I had to use 'Badcopy' software to recover some data.Sometime the system does not recognise that the cd is loaded.

My question is do I have to use Sonic DLA software as I also have Nero6 software installed?

If I uninstall it will the pc accept cd/dvds already created using the Sonic?


  Completealias 23:54 22 May 2005

I can't see why it wouldn't, I too have had a similar problem with sonic DLA on a dimension 2400 and ended up uninstalling it also and now use nero

  baldyx 17:00 29 May 2005

I have contacted DELL support who advses me that after uninstalling the SonIC software , the dvd writer will not work!
I tend to agree with you however I have not yet uninstalled it because the problem is intermittant.

I will monitor the problem.

  Completealias 22:19 29 May 2005

The only reason that your dvd writer would not write to dvds is if you installed a version of nero that did not support writing to DVD.

Even then you can get a freebie program that works cdburner xp pro is free and works well I use it on my laptop click here

In the mean time if you are relected to uninstall sonic you could try diabling there DLA part of the program right click on your dvd drive and choose properties there is a tab that lists as DLA or Sonic can't quite remember now anyway click on that tab and take the tisk out of the box thats says something like use DLA on this drive. I found this part of sonic to be the most that gave me problems

  pat-212841 09:27 30 May 2005

Sonic has a help page you have to make a account then you can check other peoples problems with sonic and see if yours is there its good as i find the Sonic people themselves email you with the "fix"

  baldyx 20:57 31 May 2005

Thanks. I have disabled the DLA in the property section of the Drive and will see if works.

Also will get in touch with the sonic help desk.

Please note that the problem is intermittant.

  TomJerry 22:04 31 May 2005

NOT very reliable, THEY are definitely NOT compitable

experience, do not use it, uninstall it, use RW disc the same way as R disks

Dell's advice is not correct

  baldyx 19:40 04 Jun 2005

Thanks all.

  Completealias 22:44 04 Jun 2005

No problems

did turning off the DLA function sort out the problem or did you uninstall in the end?

  baldyx 11:17 06 Jun 2005

Yes, turning DLA off works. I did not uninstall it. However turnig off has to be done each time I load a cd because when I click the right button on the DVD drive icon, the 'use with DLA ' option is still selected evenif I have turned it off in the Property section.

  Completealias 13:04 06 Jun 2005

Have you tried turning it off with no cd in the drive (same process)

As when I turned it off I did it this way and can not recall it still asking everytime

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