Song From Audio CD To E-mail

  Solartopi 20:30 22 Aug 2006

Hi Folks,

A friend wants me to send him two songs from my Audio CD. How do I do it, can anyone Help me please.



  BeeWee 21:02 22 Aug 2006

You could try sending the songs via ICQ or through instant messenger (MSN) I have done this successfully umpteen times. If you need more help please post back.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 21:02 22 Aug 2006

You need to record the tracks into Audio software, suggest you then convert to MP3 as this will make the files smaller. If you do not have any software this should be suitableclick here

  exodus 21:03 22 Aug 2006

Use a program such as CDex to extract and compress the files into mp3 and save to your hard drive.

Send the file(s) as an attachment in your email.

You may need to alter the settings in CDex to allow greater compression. A 40mb wave file, when compressed into mp3 at CD quality (128 kps) will still be around 3 - 4mb in size.

Higher compression will give a smaller file but less quality. CDex will allow compression down to 32 kps if required.

  Solartopi 21:15 22 Aug 2006


ICQ I'm lost. I'll try Instant Messenger MSN. Thanks.

Hertz Van Rentyl,

Thanks for the LINK. Will try.


Thanks but I don't have an MP3 player.


  exodus 16:26 23 Aug 2006

Thanks but I don't have an MP3 player. Solartopi

I don't see the relevance of that so I have clearly misunderstood your question. I assumed you intended to email the songs.

CDex will also save the songs as wave.

Perhaps you need to elaborate your on what you intend to do.

  Solartopi 17:40 23 Aug 2006

SORRY exodus, yes I did want to send it via e-mail.

Here's what I did by trial & error - I put the CD into the DVDCD Drive. When the CD opened in Windows Media Player I began to experiment, with a little apprehension. I Clicked RIP and it RIPED all the songs to C:\Documents & Settings\-\My Documents\My Music. I was confused first. Then I went into the above Folder or File or Programs, whatever, and found all the tracks there. Then I got brave and opened up Creat Mail in OUTLOOK EXPRESS and Clicked ATTACH (Paper Clip.) Then I went through the process again C:\Documents & Settings\-\My Documents\My Music, CLicked on the songs and hit ATTACH and the song appeared in the e-mail.

Oh, I was so delighted. Long winded but got there.

Thanks exodus very much for your help.

Next time I will make sure to explain properly.


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