something's sleeping (hdd)

  [email protected] 22:21 01 Apr 2007

hello, since i installed a dualcore cpu (i think!) if my pc is idle it goes almost quite, it's usually when im on here, if i do something, start a game, i get anoise, and it sounds like a harddrive starting up, i thought it was a fan but its a more heavy metalic type of sound.
it doesnt cause any problems, i just wondered what it was and can i change it with my power settings? it;s just come on now and it sounds like a disk coming to life but there seems more fan activity also, it hasd never done this before and it doesnt sound un healthy.
i use an akasa evo 120 cpu cooler (highly recommend btw) and my cpu can lower its temps to 11/14 c could it could the mobo be turning all the fans off because its cold?
many thanks

asus a8n
64 5200x2
bios harware setting
cpu fan sensor =off
system fan sensor =on
cpu fan control= on
accelleration =48c
full fan=62c

i cannot get the cpu temps over 39c
with stock hsf
idle late 30's c
load late 60's c

so are my settings wrong?
thanks again

  Ashrich 22:29 01 Apr 2007

AMD Cool and Quiet driver is to blame , that and thermal monitoring , not too sure what make your hard drive is , but my Maxtor 320gb SATA11 does exactly the same in making a funny noise when accessing certain programs , and my AMD 4200X2 idles at 29c and never gets above 35ish with Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro .


  [email protected] 06:32 02 Apr 2007

hi ashley, i think the drive that is nodding off is a hitachi deskstar 160 gb 7200 internal drive that i added as a slave about 5 months ago, i wasnt aware anything put the hard drive to sleep, but that is what seems to be happening, i never noticed it before cpu upgrade.
thanks for your reply

  anskyber 09:13 02 Apr 2007

Which OS are you using?

  anskyber 09:20 02 Apr 2007

I should have added that Vista can put the HDD to sleep.

It's in Control Panel, System and Maintenance, Power Options, from whichever power plan you are on, select change plan settings, then choose Change advanced power settings. Choose the HDD and max the + sign for options.

  Ashrich 09:38 02 Apr 2007

Hadn't realised it was a slave drive that was spinning up and down , as anskyber says , Vista can do that for power saving , my Western Digital IDE drive did that before I adjusted the power settings .


  [email protected] 15:53 02 Apr 2007

thanks a lot guys, i started noticing it when i had vista, will look at my settings thanks for the help
just xp now bu the way

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