Something wrong with one of my Avi files!

  jamtarts 20:43 07 May 2007

I tried playing a file i downloaded,when i tried to open it with VLC media player it comes up "This avi file is broken.Seeking will not work correctly.Do you want to try to repair it (This might take a long time)?" When i click yes it then starts to work but if i close it and open it again the same thing comes up.
When i play it on windows i get the video working but they're is no sound,at first i thought that maybe i might be missing some codecs but i've got other avi files and they all seem to work fine,this is the only one that doesn't work.
Then i thought that maybe there's something wrong with the download itself but some other guys have downloaded the same file and it works pefectly well on their computers,it just doesn't make sense!

  MAJ 20:52 07 May 2007

Try installing the klite codec pack. click here

It's also possible that the file became corrupt during the download, so trying to download it again might be an idea, if it isn't a huge file.

  jamtarts 20:58 07 May 2007

I've already got the Klite codec pack in my comp and i've tried downloading it 3 or 4 times and it's still the same!

  MAJ 21:08 07 May 2007

Try running it through GSpot click here see if you can spot a problem there or maybe it's using some weird codec.

  jamtarts 21:57 07 May 2007

Done it and it says that the codecs are installed,it's weird how it plays all the other Avi files except that one.It's the only one that doesn't work right!

  MAJ 22:22 07 May 2007

Got me stumped, jamtarts, have you tried opening it and re-saving it in Windows Media Player for example, maybe output it as WMV or DV-AVI?

  Totally-braindead 23:15 07 May 2007

Could you burn the file to disk and try it on one of the computers that the guys you mention who have it working have.
That at least would rule out any problems with the file itself.
Only other thought, are you sure they are using the same program to read the file?

  ashdav 23:42 07 May 2007

I think you have to resign yourself to the fact that the file is corrupt at source.
There's not a lot you can do.

  ArrGee 01:32 08 May 2007

Uninstall K-Lite and load this up instead:

click here

  jamtarts 18:30 08 May 2007

I got it working,no clue how i done it though,i think i done something with divx or xvid to fix it!

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