something wrong with my postings.

  Europa 13:00 15 Jan 2006

Why is it that sometimes I want to open a new thread, when I finish writing it and click on 'begin a new subject for discussion' it goes to the forum index, my thread get never on the forum and I am logged off and need to log in again and start all over again?
It is very annoying and only happens since the new website came to be.
Thank you.

  Forum Editor 13:11 15 Jan 2006

and you're the only person who has reported this problem. I'm not sure what the cause could be, but I don't think it's us.

  Europa 13:29 15 Jan 2006

Yes, it is strange, I never had that with the old site, it is very annoying as sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
I cannot understand it, it's only doing it on the PC Advisor Forum.
It's just logging me off and loose my thread, would it be some settings on my computer?
Something to do with the length of inactivity of my connection?

  johndrew 15:36 15 Jan 2006

I have experience this on a couple of occassions. It seemed to be down to the fact that I had not enabled JavaScript for the site initially (I use Firefox and may not hve enables the facility I thought) but then it happened once when I was in the middle of a response.

When I looked at the thread it appeared someone else had made a response at the same time as I had and mine had come second best and been deleted.

Could the problem be a simple conflict in message receipt?

  ade.h 17:00 15 Jan 2006

I too have experienced that on a couple of occasions when trying to post a response to a thread. It takes you to the top level of the site and your post is lost.

Javascript is enabled in NoScript and it has only haapen 2 or 3 times, so I put it down to a glitch.

JohnDrew's theory sounds quite possibly right actually. and would explain the relative rarity of it.

  ade.h 17:01 15 Jan 2006

haapen? I seem to be typing in Dutch now...

happened, I mean!

  johndrew 11:49 16 Jan 2006

Hey, we all speak Greek sometimes!!

  Forum Editor 12:48 16 Jan 2006

Who knows?

Glitches happen, but to be honest they don't happen that often since we recoded the site, and this one is very rare - thousands of posts have been made on the new site, and we've not heard of this problem before now. In any event, your problem isn't the same as the one that Europa is having.

  johndrew 11:08 17 Jan 2006

Not so.

I obviously failed to make myself clear.

Perhaps what I should have said was that after having been thrown out, I logged back on and looked at the responses. Mine was not present (deleted?) but there was another response with a post time which appeared extremely close to that at which I had made my posting.

Whilst I recognise Europa had apparently tried to open a new thread (make an initial posting) when he was thrown out all other circumstances appear very much the same. From my limited knowledge, I can see no reason for the mechanics of the initiation of a thread to be drastically different to a response. Is it?

  Europa 18:22 17 Jan 2006

It happened again yesterday, I was trying to reply to a thread in the consumerwatch forum.
My reply has gone through at the second attempt.

  Simsy 17:25 18 Jan 2006

but it might be worth deleting your cookies and emptying the temp internet files.

I don't pretent to understand them well, but I have a gut feeling, (not very scientific I Know!), that it might be a cookie issue.

Good luck,



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