Something is sending e-mails from my computer

  Looby48 16:36 18 Sep 2011

Something is sending e-mails from my computer to me and to people in my address book. I have tried running a full scan and I have also ran Emsisoft Anti Malware, but I had an e-mail from a friend this morning saying that ahe has recieved another one.

It seems to be sending links to various sites but none of us have opened them incase thay are a virus.

Can anyone advise.

I am running Windows 7.

  Grantrh 17:28 18 Sep 2011

My guess would be that your account has been hacked into and someone is sending emails (usually to viagra websites) as you. I would try changing your password and if that doesn't work contacted the provider of your email. (which wouldn't be AOL by any chance would it?

  Forum Editor 18:03 18 Sep 2011

It's unlikely that your computer is sending the email - it's far more likely to be that someone else is sending messages that look as if they came from you.

This is called 'spoofing', and is a widespread nuisance. Unfortunately there's little you can do about it, other than waiting for it to stop. There are technological solutions to the problem (run a Google search for SPF), but for the time being they are not a viable solution for the average home user.

  lotvic 18:43 18 Sep 2011

If you want to make really sure that it is 'spoofing'

As a workaround and to identify if it is your pc that is infected or if it is your webmail and not someone else that has the infection:

In both your mail client on your pc and in any webmail in your contacts list, to each email address, add another character at the front (an ! is good to use) so that if the emails are coming from your pc they will not be delivered to the correct address and will be returned to you by MAILER-DAEMON as undeliverable. When you add another character at the front in your webmail use a different chararacter so that when emails are returned undeliverable you will know which contact list is being used. Suggest you get your friends to do the same

When you want to send a proper email you can edit out the ! before you send it.

Also devise an extra bit of subject header that will identify to your contacts that it really is an email from you so that they can tell the difference. (like a code word added to your subject header i.e. add 'from Looby48')

(thanks to Woodchip for this tip as posted a few months back in another thread)

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