Something keeps trying to connect to the net!!!!

  Devious Dave 17:37 14 Jun 2004

Hi, this problem is on my father's company PC for which they use their accounts and payroll for so I need to get it sorted. They are having huge problem with their broadband which I think I sorted. The other problem is that a program keeps on trying to connect to the internet and retrieve information from the following sites:


each of the above addresses end with .com except the first one which is .org

I have enabled never dial a connection to stop it automatically dialing and now it displays the following message:

You(or a program) is try to retrieve information from the following site..........and it varies out of the ones listed above. Cuzit.dns4biz being the most frequent. I have typed in the address and the page doesn’t exist.

The paypal one worries me the most as this is an electronic money transfer site and the companies bank account details are on the computer in sage accounts.

I have run a fully updated, AVG,Adaware,Spybot,stinger and nothing has been found.

Any ideas? Thanks.

  VoG II 17:51 14 Jun 2004

click here ?possibly?

Also try running a² click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:53 14 Jun 2004

start-run and type msconfig-startup and look in there to see if there is anything unusual; if there is, untick it or post the name of the programme here.


  anon1 17:56 14 Jun 2004

you could also install zone alarm and find out exactly what is dialing out and if you dont like the new version get an older one here click here

  Devious Dave 18:05 14 Jun 2004

Thnaks guys all good suggestions. Won't be able to try them untill wednesday so if anyone has any other ideas please post them.

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