something that have just noticed, where is add...?

  Jwbjnwolf 21:11 07 Nov 2010

something just noticed, my xp dont have the address bar option in when you right click the taskbar
I have googled and it a this site,
click here
says that it is something missing with sp3, how come?
and how do I get it back without using a win disk?

  lotvic 22:01 07 Nov 2010

As it tells you in the link you posted...
"The address bar option has been removed from SP3"

This is true, and you can't get it back with a 'win disk' either. Microsoft decided to remove it via SP3. (and no we don't why Microsoft decided to do that)

Someone on the forum that you linked to has posted this as instructions of how to get it back:

"To get back the address toolbar, simply replace browseui.dll in your windows/system32 folder with a pre-SP3 version. The easiest way is to use Start->Run->msconfig->Expand File and get a copy of the file from your windows CD"

  Jwbjnwolf 09:06 08 Nov 2010

just wondering if could download the file somehow as donot have disk

  lotvic 15:02 08 Nov 2010

Thanks for that, something new I learnt :)
Wonder if it works.

  Jwbjnwolf 16:43 08 Nov 2010

downloaded the file needed from
click here
(winzip or anyother archive manager is needed) and before I extract it to a folder,
where would be the best place to?

  Jwbjnwolf 16:47 08 Nov 2010

found where needs to go.
do i get rid of the ntdll.dll file?

  Jwbjnwolf 18:10 08 Nov 2010

came across this site that says an easier and safer way of getting the address bar back
1. in the start menu drag the computer link to the top of your desktop to create a toolbar,
2. right click on the toolbar and go to toolbars, then tick address bar,
3. you can either drag the address toolbar down to the taskbar and you have it back without doing any dangerous steps but it will be gone when you boot into the system next time, so best way is to right click on the toolbar and do the same proseger but this time untick computer so it is only the address bar at the top of the screen which will be there untill you decide to remove it.
this i would say is a millian times safer then repacing a system file,
for all of those who want it back, please do this proseger as it is alot safer, defently if you are not very experianced with them.
thanks for all your replys,
and hope you readers who want the address bar back do this.

  lotvic 18:41 08 Nov 2010

Well done, very useful. that is a very easy way to get address toolbar back on desktop :))

And thanks for sharing that tip.

I tried it out and my page opened in Firefox (which is set as my default browser)

  Jwbjnwolf 19:12 08 Nov 2010

i knew you would be pleased as could tell you liked this feature.
of course i would share it, as it saves alot of hassel and does not increase sercurity risks as if replacing the file and i dont want people to go through this.
to keep it on top of all windows which is useful,
right click toolbar and tick always on top
and if you dont like the look of it being there constant, tick autohide which i have done.

and my xp is back fast like the wind as like somewhere on the net said, it may take 2 programes that do the same thing to do what windows should have on offer,
after anothor defragmentation of the registry, the welcome screen is only displayed for maximum of 2 secs and when shows the desktop, the taskbar is displayed instantly like as if got nothing running at startup whatso ever.
used trial of tuneup utilitys which i wonder if there is a free alternative or at least £5/£10 one that does all of the things that tuneup utilitys does.
what have also used tuneup utilitys for was to change the boot screen,login screen,and give xp a vista look.(i must admit that looks even nicer then vista,even the startmenu is finnished off with a false intergrated search bar which i find so amusing)
but i think that sometime, will still upgrade the ram as it says in the manual that it is able to take one complete 2gb ram.

  lotvic 19:19 08 Nov 2010

I'll share a tip with you 'proseger' is spelt 'procedure'
for the rest, maybe sometime you'll get round to finding a spell-checker, lol :)

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