Something is eating at my computer ..

  User-AD3653D0-1723-462E-B832A2AB8950B2A6 01:41 15 Mar 2005

I have a problem that I may only be able to resolve by reinstalling Win XP. I am running Win XP Home SP2.

However, before I do that, I'd be grateful for any help.

My PC slows down. After some time, around 6-8 hours, I come back to my PC (whther it's been left online or not) and find the hard drive light permanently on, an almost glacial response (if any) to mouse or keyboard commands, but if I'm working I notice that the first thing that goes wrong is video. Screen freezes and an inability to swap windows. The PC just grinds to a halt and the only way out is to reboot.

I have used both NAV and AVG to scan for viruses, but they report nothing.

I have AdAware plus AdWatch running, both reporting no problem. Spyboy occasionally turns up the odd malware item. AdWatch does seem to stop the occasional request to alter the registry.

I have switched off System Restore to do a NAV and then AVG run.

I'm at my wits end, not least because I'm not sure where the various progs I use park their data files so I'd have lots of work to do just swapping them to my other hard drive. It's a nightmare!

One thing I hoped to do was to point 'My Documents' to my 2nd hard drive, but the help files for Win XP don't seem to be written in English ....

Any assistance would be very gratefully received.

  User-312386 01:48 15 Mar 2005

Uninstall NAV

I would not use to Anti-Virus programmes either

They can cause conflicts

  User-312386 01:49 15 Mar 2005

Sorry should have read

I would not use two Anti-Virus programmes either

  p;3 01:58 15 Mar 2005

have you got two antivirus programs installed on there; in which case you need to remove one of them; and when did you last run your basic programs of scan disc and defragment.

defrag run last weekend. scandisk .. where do I find it?

I have just uninstalled AVG - which was a pain to do.

  Rigga 09:02 15 Mar 2005

You can also change the location of "My Documents" to whatever folder you wish.

Right click the "My Documents" icon on your desktop and choose properties, then choose move, and select the destination for "My Documents" to point at.


  Phphred 09:12 15 Mar 2005

Help files not written in English! Are you using a genuine win xp or have you bought a "cheapo" the same as I did once, and found out to my cost!

  jack 09:22 15 Mar 2005

Concur with all the advice so far

You appear to have turned the machine into the the electronic version of a hydochrondiac[did I spell that right?]
It is spending so much time feeling for this and that it has not time to perform your requests.

One AV prog. One crap stopper is all you need.

  Phphred 09:47 15 Mar 2005

Have you tried turning off "system restore"?
Jack; No,Hypochondriac!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:08 15 Mar 2005


1 firewall (Nav and windows both on?) 1 Antivirus any number of antispyware.

Clear out all your temporary files and bloated registry use Crap Cleaner click here delete any thing it finds fix any issues it finds (don,t even need to back up )

Scan disk and defrag

make sure you have sufficent space on your windows drive for the virtual memory (swapfile /pagefile) should be 2.5 x installed memeory.

When I say the Win XP help files are not in English. I meant that although I DO have a genuine Win XP with SP2 upgrade, the help files might as well be written in Swahili for all the good they are to me. I was being ironic - it was 0141 when I wrote that. I was tired. Forgive me my indulgence!

My DPhil is in psychology, not computerese!

I have got rid of all but NAV, and kept AdAware with AdWatch and Spybot.

One thing that I didn't mention is that on the way to the PC slowing to a halt, I get a little message tellling me that the virtual memory is full.

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