Someone seems to be able to control my desktop!

  DANJAMESOC 19:16 01 Jun 2004

Help !
I run XP and am broadband connected, i do have zonealarm pro installed and norton av. However it seems that someone or something can move my pointer around the desktop and click on icons without me being able to do anything about it.
I even resorted to using my system recovery disk but the problem returned today. I am very worried and would appreciate advice.

  Blanc Glacier 19:24 01 Jun 2004

If you are running Windows XP Pro you can disable remote assistance.

Right click My Computer > Properties > Remote and make sure they are both unticked.

  Blanc Glacier 19:27 01 Jun 2004

Also go to GRC click here and run their free sheild-up test. This will inform you of what ports you have open on your system.

Personally i have just enabled XP's firewall on my computer and have had no problems.

  DANJAMESOC 19:44 01 Jun 2004

i have turned on firewall on xp
i do not run xp pro so couldn't disable remote assistance.
Shields up has detected port 515 printer spooler.
What would I need to do ?

  TomJerry 19:48 01 Jun 2004

Here is a technical support story, a custome has a strange problem which gets many technical support guys beaten. Finally, one of keys on his keyboard get stuck sometime.

Maybe not the same in your case, but something to check.

  christmascracker 19:49 01 Jun 2004

You can disable remote desktop in XP home too

  DANJAMESOC 19:56 01 Jun 2004

Tomjerry, i did wonder whether it was just a dodgy keyboard and mouse in which case i would look a complete idiot in worrying so much. But the pointing and clicking seems so deliberate...
sorry christmascracker could you let me know how to disable remote assistance in xphome.
thank you

  Blanc Glacier 20:00 01 Jun 2004

Go to this website, it shows you how to disable remote assistance in XP Home. (click here)

  christmascracker 20:04 01 Jun 2004

Right click My computer/ properties/ remote

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:04 01 Jun 2004

Does this only happen when you are online?


  DANJAMESOC 20:07 01 Jun 2004

I am just about to tick resolved, I have carried out all the advice, fireewall activated, shields up tested and remote assistance disabled I hope i haven't acted too soon.
But I really am overwhelmed by the collective genius that is the forum! You have been so helpful. Thanks

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