Someone please give opion on my site

  jg1990 15:55 13 Apr 2004

I've redesigned my site yet again and was wondering what people thought of it.

Any suggestions?

Many Thanks


  slowhand_1000 15:57 13 Apr 2004

the link is?

  Paranoid Android 16:01 13 Apr 2004

I love the seethrough effect with invisible images and text. Very cool.


  jg1990 16:08 13 Apr 2004

Sorry guys - totally forgot about the link - here it is click here.



  PurplePenny 20:00 13 Apr 2004

This one is the best looking yet - much classier than the other incarnations.

Just a couple of points - you don't appear to have a background colour for the body of your pages. I can see font colours and table backgrounds galore ... but nothing for the body. It comes out lilac on my screen (the same colour as this PCA input box on my screen) - what colour is it supposed to be?

The other point is on the same subject - you've got a style sheet with various properties, TD and P for instance, with fonts/sizes declared and some colours. You've also got font, sizes, colours etc in the HTML. Why not put it all in the style sheet?


  jg1990 20:15 13 Apr 2004

Thanks Penny.

As to your first question the background colour is meant to be white and your second question I really don't know why.

Thanks a lot


PS. Anyone else any comments/suggestions.

  Gaz 25 21:36 13 Apr 2004

Looking good.

  Taran 00:13 14 Apr 2004

A very nice layout and a great improvement overall.

I don't know why you want frames though, and there are still lots of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and misinformation:

"All of our hosting plans include at least on MySQL database"

>> should be "... one MySQL database".

"We pride ourselves on our quality of service and ease. Therefore, please contact us with your feedback using the link at the top left."

>> This one wants completely reworking, possibly along the lines of: "We pride ourselves on the quality and range of our services and their ease of use".

And the link you mention at the top left is actually at the top right, if you are referring to your contact link.

"To be able for people to see your website these servers are connected 24/7." [from your FAQ page]

>> Obviously this one also needs rewriting.

On your FAQ page you have some misleading information, e.g.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a database which is required to create a search engine on your site.

MySQL is, in fact, the most popular open source database management software in the world and is certainly not, in fact, a database, nor is it required to create a search engine on a site although it can be used for this purpose.

You can just as easily use CGI/Perl search scripts though, or straight PHP or ASP without an underlying database can be used for in-site search engines - you can couple the dynamic languages with simple textfile data sources or for the best result yes, you can use MySQL, Access or MS SQL.

My point is that to a newcomer to the web, you are giving misleading information since your description of MySQL and its use is inaccurate. MySQL is not a database, but you can manage a database with MySQL; nor is it a specific requirement for a site search engine, but it can be put to that use if required. Sorry if I seem pedantic but facts should always be clear and, above all, accurate.

Like Penny I see no point in blending CSS and HTML tags to control your format. If you aren't 100% happy with CSS just use normal HTML for everything. It will save you time and possible problems where contradictory code can affect page display.

Just above your link buttons the page name text is alinged to the right on every page apart from the Home page, which is left aligned. Oddly, your Home button is always highlighted with the little dot to the left side of the button being a different colour to all the other buttons. This remains so no matter which page you are on - Home is always highlighted.

Your copyright statement:

Copyright © 2004

jumps up and down the page depending on which page you are on. You need to use a page template or other method of locking your common elements down to prevent layout discrepancies on different pages.

Instead of jumping from one to another design, I'd suggest you spend the time to keep one theme or layout on the go for a while and concentrate on ironing out all of the wrinkles. When you think you have them all sorted, ask around for feedback and fix the ones you overlooked [we all do this].

I like the layout a lot and you have obviously spent a lot of time and effort on it. For the type of services you are offering though, your site has to be 110% and this one seems to share many of the same issues your previous site[s] had.

In brief, lock your layout for all common elements, triple check all spelling and grammar, use either plain vanilla HTML/XHTML or combine either one of them with CSS to control your format and make absolutely sure your facts are correct.

Your site has real potential and I'd love to see it reach it. Polish it a bit and you'll have a real gem.

Good luck with it


  jg1990 13:30 14 Apr 2004

Thanks for your comments Taran.

I have done a bit of updating this morning, so if you would like to have another look I would greatly appreciate it. I have not yet had time to sort out the CSS.

Many Thanks


  jg1990 13:40 14 Apr 2004

I forgot to mention, I'm not using frames.



  Taran 14:10 14 Apr 2004

Locking your copyright statement down has made a big improvement straight away.

However, on the homepage your "...please use the contact link at the top left of this page..." still refers to a link at the top left, not the top right where it actually is.

On the same page your sentence that reads "All of our hosting plans include at least on MySQL database..." still says "on MySQL..." instead of "one MySQL..." - as in, the number one instead of the word "on".

I admit that I haven't read your site thoroughly and I apologise if I've somehow overlooked this detail, but I am still very confused over whether you host your clients sites yourself or whether you arrange the hosting packages you advertise. If you do host, you also aren't clear over whether you are an actual web host or whether you are a reseller.

You refer to your "excellent new servers" and "our Linux Servers" and your Services page has the "Click here to see details about our web hosting packages" link, but there does not seem to be any of the trappings I'd expect to find from a web host. Where is your privacy policy/statement, your acceptable use policy, your user log-in and/or control panel access and so on ?

All I am getting at is that you sound half as though you offer hosting yourself and half as if you arrange it for your clients, yet in trying to sound as though you provide it you seem not to offer the features I'd expect to see any host have right on their homepage. All of the hosts I use are very, very clear on what they provide, what they can and will [and will not] do for you and how you are expected use your account if you arrange one with them. User log-in is accessed from the homepage, as is user support, and everything is very clear and obvious. Yours is not.

I suspect you are a web host account reseller of sorts, but you really need to be very clear on what you do and do not offer. Your features matrix of the hosting plans is interesting, if a little brief, but if as a would-be client I still don't know for certain whether you are a host or not from your site I wouldn't even bother to contact you to verify the point. In this instance I don't think the site works as well as it could for you and you are still open to quite serious misinterpretation of the facts.

Be very, very clear on what it is you are offering. Many web designers run multiple client sites on their own hosted servers and there is nothing wrong with that.

Don't call yourself a host though and expect no backlash from it. Sooner or later you'll come undone when you get a client who has an inkling of what goes on with web design, development and hosting. Many of my own clients are extemely knowledgable and also very shrewd in what they want and getting it.

If you get really well established you'll find that you will begin to get redesigns and web application deployment accounts coming your way, which is where you could really come unravelled if you try to sell hosting to someone without being entirely clear over the who, what, why and when of it all.

The site layout has loads in its favour and it does have a professional air about it. Some of the content is where you let yourself down though, and also where you could potentially run into trouble.

I've come to the conclusion that the coloured dot in the left side of your Home button is there on purpose, is fixed, and is not some kind of indicator to show which page you are currently on. I thought it was supposed to be some kind of button effect that would change when you clicked on another button.

If it seems I am being a bit harsh I'm not. Web design is an increasingly difficult and competitive market and I'd hate to see you trip up early on.

Oh, and two final points:

1. I'd repeat by statement from my previous post: "If you aren't 100% happy with CSS just use normal HTML for everything."

HTML is still more than acceptable on its own and doing a half in half is a good way to introduce CSS to a site but is also a playground for possible formatting errors to creep in.

2. You might want to consider some proper page DTDs and metatags. They have their uses and are worth spending the time on.

See where you go with it.


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