Is someone nicking my broadband?

  dagbladet 09:36 15 Mar 2007

Set up.

PC downstairs wired to modem/router.
Laptop upstairs wireless.
WEP key code enabled.

Returned home after 3 day work trip. Kids said "internet's not working". Pulled power lead from router, paused, replaced lead. Internet back on, no problems...except, as the router was powering up the 'wlan' light was flashing away like mad. Asked offspring if laptop was on upstairs, "NO". Once router was fully booted up 'wlan' light continued to flash, just like it usually does when wireless laptop is online. I removed the little stubby arial from the router and the flashing stopped.

Is there a way (or program) whereby I can check if another machine is hooked up to the network?


  Kate B 09:55 15 Mar 2007

I'd enable MAC address filtering. Have a look in the wireless settings of your router and match up all the MAC addresses showing as connected and don't allow any that you don't recognise. WEP is crackable.

  Kate B 09:56 15 Mar 2007

Typing too fast: I meant to say match up all the MAC addresses showing as connected to your router with all the wireless hardware in your house - that will soon tell you if there's something connected that you don't want to allow.

  dagbladet 10:03 15 Mar 2007

Thanks Kate.

I think I know how to access that page. Is that where you type in something like 162.128.something.somethingelse. Is that the one?

  Halmer 10:05 15 Mar 2007

Just applied that to mine.

  Halmer 10:07 15 Mar 2007

I had to access the router as you have suggested and then go to the wireless settings tab.

There is a setting that generates existing MAC addresses and I simply only allowed this one access.

  dagbladet 10:10 15 Mar 2007

Thanks, It's at home so I'll try that later.

  Kate B 10:28 15 Mar 2007

Turn all your wireless kit on so that it shows up on the router software and note down every item's MAC number - it should be on it somewhere. On my Belkin wireless print server, for example, it's on a sticky underneath it. It's a string of alphanumeric figures separated by colons. You can find your PC's wireless card's MAC code by doing ipconfig/all

  daba 23:21 15 Mar 2007

Your WLAN light will flicker if another wi-fi is within range, it is just "roaming" for available paths

how does each know if the other is a valid, and accessable, network route, if it can't ask?

providing you have sufficient security and/or MAC filtering applied all is well, and your network is secure.

  dagbladet 14:22 18 Mar 2007

OK folks. Following on from previous. The 'wlan' light is still flickering like mad permenantly. I have llooked at the settings on my router page but am unsure about mac filtering. None of the pages are called mac filtering. Could it be called something else? It's a D-link DSL-G604T by the way.

  dagbladet 14:24 18 Mar 2007


Interesting point but it has never done this before. Does this mean that a new wifi signal may have appeared locally which previously wasn't there?

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