Someone must know or have an idea!

  neko 12:10 26 Aug 2004

Hey all.

I started a thread the other day about how the link to my XP Pro in the boot.ini file vanished but no one really replied. I entered a new boot.ini file line after figuring out what it all meant.
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows XP Pro" /fastdetect

It worked fine.

After a couple of boots this disappears. Something is re-writing the boot.ini file back to what it was. Yes I am saving it after I change it.

My PC has two hard drives one with Mutivision's Rescue disk on Drive C: and with XP Home on another partition Drive D:
The other Harddrive has Win XP Pro on it.This is the one I have to re-write the line for.
Anyway finding out what does this is way above my head. Ideas anyone?
Thanks in advance

  end 12:27 26 Aug 2004

you may have not had a reply as you thread title is not really specific ; I only opened this to see what the problem was if can help in any small way; you may find it helpful to title the thread with specific details of what the problem is :)

  neko 12:32 26 Aug 2004

Fair enough. I will take that on board mate.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:38 26 Aug 2004

Windows normaly expects to find the system on C:\Windows with this on IDE 0. In BIOS you can select IDE1 as your boot device but windows still attempts to lok for C:\windows as the op system unless you told it different during the install process.

With Home and Pro on your PC are you using a dual bbot menu on startup?

  Djohn 12:49 26 Aug 2004

click here This is your first thread. j.

  neko 13:07 26 Aug 2004

Because I stuck XP Pro on the same PC as XP Home windows automatically recognised this and adjusted the boot.ini file that XP home had put on so it would give me a dual boot menu as it is designed to do and as I have used before. So the NTLDR comes along reads it and I get to choose whether I want Multivision's repair, XP home or XP PRO. Then after a couple of sucessful boots if I look in the boot.ini file in Sytsem Properties-advanced-startup and recovery- edit (sorry if that's teaching you to suck eggs)it has been replaced with the original file. I have done the same set up on another PC and it remains fine.
I don't really want to wipe it all and take off the multivision bit as I would then have to download all my updates again. I am on a 56k.(used to have broadband (sob)but now in rural area.)I have a recent image of the disc but it includes the Multivision bit.

  neko 13:28 26 Aug 2004

I Have to go off line for a bit. Thanks for the link Djohn:)

Fruitbat: I think the line I entered tells the sytem where to find that windows if I select the XP PRO option.

Any more help appreciated.

  cga 13:31 26 Aug 2004

First let me say that, from the information you give, I can only guess at why Boot.ini is getting changed. However a few ramblings might help you.

1. The windows boot selection function (controlled by boot.ini) is different to some other boot managers in that it "planned" to always boot the same partition and then boot.ini (In that partition) redirects the startup to the partition holding the OS you want. This is fine unless you want to work with the OS in the active partition in which case you can be st***ed.

2. I use Bootmagic which will select the required partition, make it active, hide the alternate, and boot from the active Parttition. The only requirement is that the boot.ini in that partition points to itself. Some other boot managers work the same way.

3. Many people beleive that WINXP must initially boot into partition 1 of disk 0 and they also beleive that partition 1 always equates to C:. Neither of these are necessarily so - although Win installation will set it up that way if it can.

4. In my setup I have a dummy partition 1 with some DOS recovery code in it. Partition 2 is my safety system (XP) and P3 is my live system. When I boot into P2 or P3 the other is hidden and the active partition is C: whichever I use. Getting it like this was a little more tricky - but that is another story.

OK - the reason for this is just to confirm what is possible.

Now, what I suspect is happening is either you or WINXP is getting confused about which boot.ini you should be editing because both OS's (therefore both boot.ini are visible).

Don't know if any of this is any help to sorting out what might be happening.

  neko 13:57 26 Aug 2004

DONE IT!!! (he exclaimed confidently)

Thanks for the info cga.I read your points with interest. What you said about the extra boot.ini files got me looking and in the multivision partition there were rescue boot.ini files and a default boot.ini file. These must kick in in some how if they notice the original has been changed. I edited these to see the XP pro and now after a couple of boots it does not return to what it was!!
I thought it must have something to do with the multivision bit as my other PC has XP home and pro on it with no bother.

Thanks again all.

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