Is someone lurking in my laptop?????????

  computernerdiamnot 23:23 01 Jun 2004

I noticed today that when i turn on my laptop it goes to the log on screen, it has never done that before and i did not really give it any thought untill this evening.

I noticed my processor was going full pelt at 100% ran adware, spybot and virus check. It took adware half hour to check and just came up with 6 data miners, ran spybot that went sloooooooooooooooooow until i had to end it in task manager. Now going back to my log on it only had my user name but when i went inti users there was another name called ASP.NET and had it pasword protected. As i am the only one who uses this laptop i was a bit worried.

I use Netgear wireless router on 128bit encryption a firewall anti-virus the works.

I deleted the user and so far everything seems to be ok.

Does anyone know what it could be or how to check to make sure it will not happen again. i have changed the 128 bit code, i dont disply the SSID name. i am quite concerned as i am worried about this now.


  woodchip 23:32 01 Jun 2004

Spiders inside it

  VoG II 23:42 01 Jun 2004

Well I doubt if it is spiders although they do have their own web site.

You can safely delete the spurious account unless you are a programmer.

  end 23:44 01 Jun 2004

or gremlins.......

have u run scan disc if u have it and defrag...( just AN idea from a very novice)........or is that too simple an answer........

  woodchip 23:50 01 Jun 2004

me thinks it's time for bed

  computernerdiamnot 00:00 02 Jun 2004

Well managed to run spybot and a lot of the spider crap, got rid of that.

Will do all the other stuff you have all mentioned and i think i will do exactly what Woodchip says.......... i am of to bed to fight another day of spider webs and gremlins.

Cheers and thanks for the time chaps.


  gudgulf 00:08 02 Jun 2004

It is a user account that microsofts .net framework adds to your system.You get it by adding the .net framework update from the windows update site.

As VoG says,you don't need it if you are not doing any programming using .net----so you can delete it.

  computernerdiamnot 00:35 02 Jun 2004

Cheers gudgulf, that has set my mind at rest. I dont remember downloading that one as i did not want to install that one but at lesat i know now.

Anyway laptop starting how i want it and everything back to normal.

  end 00:40 02 Jun 2004

"normal"..?? ???whats "normal"??????!!!!!!!! NOT surely in computer-land///!!!???? na...cant be.....

  computernerdiamnot 00:54 02 Jun 2004

I get what you are saying but it is the same before i had that problem so in lay mans term thats normal. LOL :-)))

  end 23:05 02 Jun 2004

and "normal" is "ere aint it.......

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