Somebody Hacked Into My Aol Account!

  t_o_m 21:19 02 Apr 2003

I just thought I should let you folks know that my Aol account was hacked into at 6 this morning. I wasn't even on my computer! They managed to send 10 emails to people I don't even know. If anybody has had any similair experiences please let me know. I am changing to BtOpenWorld tomorrow. For all those using Aol - you have been warned!

  cherie 21:31 02 Apr 2003

I had a problem with my AOL account. A few months ago, instead of my usual £5.95 bill I was faced with £200+ !!!
When I contacted them I was told that the next month's bill was already at £150+. I told them that there was no way I had accumulated such an account and they furnished me with details. Many of the times were when the house was empty. They tried to say that my husband could be accessing it from work but as he drives a van all day & is a complete novice on computers I disputed that vehemently!!
They sent me a declaration form which I had to fill in with every line of billing and I had to declare that I had not used AOL at these times. They accepted my statement and I was eventually cleared of the bills but it was a lot of work to get there!! You have my sympathies. They admitted that it looked as if someone had definitely hacked my account...or as they put it...The account had been compromised.
Good luck!!

  Kyomii 21:35 02 Apr 2003

Basically, this means that your AOL password was compromised, and this can happen with any account not just AOL.

Just in case you decide to stay with AOL, or for general guidelines, here are a couple of rules that I follow:

1. Make sure you change your account password once every three to six months to avoid it being compromised.

2. When choosing a password it is surprising how many people use "qwerty", "member" or similar. Choose a password with capitals and small letters, numbers and allowed signs.

3. With AOL NEVER choose to store/save your password, type it in each time to provide higher security for your account.

4. NEVER, under any circumstances allow anyone to know your password.

I am sorry to hear what has happened, but unfortunately backdoor trojans and hacking is all part of computing and happens all the time.

Have you installed a good firewall? A firewall will help prevent access to your computer, and a good one will also alert you to backdoor trojans which are commonly used to seek a users private data such as passwords, address books, credit card details etc.

  davidg_richmond 22:45 02 Apr 2003

my uncle had his account 'compromised'. i dont know if somebody was going in thru his account or simply stealing his e-mailing details, but aol had terminated his account after a few thousand emails were sent from it. turns out someone was sending spam thru his account. the amount of time he spent on the net wouldnt account for a virus/worm operating from his PC either.

keep your passwords safe, everyone, and dont give dodgy websites the same password you use for important stuff!! if you give a site your email address and the same password you access your email account with, any unscrupulous sites or rogue employees could have a lot of fun.

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