Some Useful Statistics on Browser Use

  Pesala 14:26 07 Jul 2004

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Web designers often ask what screen resolution they should design for. It seems that 800x600 is still used by a large minority, though the percentage is falling, so not time yet to move up to 1024 unless you have a specialised market sector in mind - e.g. graphic designers.

Internet Explorer still has the lion's share of the browser market, with 72%, while Mozilla have an appreciable share at 12.2% and climbing. Opera is still some way behind, but saw a 50% improvement last month from 2.3% to 3.4%

Some sound advice too on not taking the stats too seriously. They are, however, a handy guide to current trends.

  Pesala 16:47 19 Dec 2004

Now 21.2%

  Taran 17:16 19 Dec 2004

Right or wrong I know of no professional web designer currently working to 800x600 as their standard. I've little doubt that there will be some, but I don't know of any.

I notice that the same stats also show Microsoft's claim of Windows 98 still being the most widely used OS on the planet a very wrong, unless the vast majority of Windows 98 users aren't online.

Stats are one of the most misunderstood factors of the web.

Some of my own sites have a lower than 2% figure for anything less than 1024x768.

I think the important thing is to try to build in backward compatability where you can so as not to exclude the older computers, but the bottom line is that for the last couple of years 1024x768 has been the resolution most computers have been sold as being capable of and so things march on.

To quote the same page you linked to:


Statistics Are Often Misleading

You cannot - as a web developer - rely only on statistics. Statistics can often be misleading.

Global averages may not always be relevant to your web site. Different sites attract different audiences....


I try to roll out fluid designs, capable of displaying content properly at the most common resolutions, but 1024x768 is my benchmark and has been for some time.


  Forum Editor 20:51 19 Dec 2004

of designing a new site with 800x600 in mind as the default and like Taran, I personally know of no other designers who do it.

Experience has taught me not to place too much emphasis on web stats - they can be very misleading if not properly interpreted.

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