For some time my Windows 7 desktop has been acting erratically.

  Graphicool1 12:04 14 Feb 2012

I've performed all the usuall tests for viruses, spyware, malware, trojans, worms, root kit tests. I've run CHKDSK, sfc /scannow, HDD Diagnostic Utilities and everything always comes up smelling of roses? I've defragged etc, etc.

I only have one outdated driver, nVidia, because when I updated it, I was getting the BSOD and so I reverted to the old driver. Then, as I wasn't the only one that happened to nVidia brought out a beta driver, I'm waiting for it to become an Alpha.

The erratic behaviour I am speaking of, could well be graphics connected. On my desktop I have folders that contain selections of icon links to like programmes. Ie one folder is called 'Image Software' and contains links to Art and Photo programmes. However when I clink on these folders, sometimes they'll open straight away and other times they'll be a long delay. But even if they open immeadiately I still have to wait for the spaceholders to become icons.

If I click on Firefox I have to wait 20 seconds and sometimes it and other desktop links don't open at all. It just freezes and my only option is to reboot, using the button on the PC?

My internal HD is 500 GB of which 345 GB is free. I have a 1000 GB external HD of which 962 GB is free. Also 4 GB RAM

  birdface 13:21 14 Feb 2012

Go into Taskmanager and click on everything one at a time to see if any yellow exclamation marks on any of the drivers.

I had the same sort of problems with an unsigned driver in USB Controllers.Microsoft reacts badly to unsigned drivers.

There is something that you can click on when you open in safe mode that will allow you to run with an unsigned driver but the next time you reboot it acts up again.

No doubt you have already looked but no harm in looking again.

  Graphicool1 14:17 14 Feb 2012

Hi buteman

Thanks for responding...

In Device Manager, under 'Other Devices' there is an '!' next to...

'Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller' it says...

'The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)'

I thought perhaps I could do a driver 'roll back', but there isn't one. Then I tried 'update driver', no joy. I searched on the Net and the concensus is to delete the entry. I've disabled it to see if this will show up a glaring problem, or sort one. But to be honest I can't believe that is what is causing these problems.

  cocteau48 14:35 14 Feb 2012

"concensus is to delete the entry" .... I would agree,but you do need to reboot to let Windows rebuild the deleted item afresh. Have you done that?

  Graphicool1 14:46 14 Feb 2012

Hi cocteau48

No, I'll do it now.

  Graphicool1 15:07 14 Feb 2012

Hi guys

Bin there, done that, when I say done that, what I mean is I uninstalled it. Then rebooted. Sorry to have report that nothing has changed. In other words it's back with an exclamation mark?

  birdface 15:08 14 Feb 2012

Glad that you noticed my mistake by saying Taskmanager instead of Device manager.

Start up in safe mode and click on disable driver signature enforcement then reboot and see if your computer works ok.If it does you know that is the unsigned driver that is your problem and the next time you boot up it will run poorly again.

Took me about a fortnight to figure it out but not that sure how I did it.

I know that I managed to find out where the file was from Device manager and it was just a matter of changing the permission for the said driver to allow it to run.

it took a while as I was not sure how to do it but managed in the long run.

Not sure if that is your problem or not but looks similar.

  birdface 15:17 14 Feb 2012

I should have added I am sure I tried removing it but it kept updating to the same driver that's how I ended up having to give it permission for it to run.

  cocteau48 15:24 14 Feb 2012

When everything freezes up will it let you open the Task Manager (ctrl/alt/del) to see if anything else is hogging the memory.

If you cannot get Task manager to open then a handy little tool is System Explorer enter link description here There is a portable version,so no installation required,but when you run it it puts an icon on your system tray,and just hovering the cursor over the icon will reveal the top five CPU items,memory usage,swap file usage. etc.

I do occasionally get the same scenario as yourself with freeze-ups but that is on my six year old desktop and I think it's just an age thing!

  birdface 15:35 14 Feb 2012

Every time that you remove it Microsoft updates it to the same driver.Maybe someone can give you advice on how to give it permission to run.

The way I said doing it in safe mode works but only till you reboot.

  birdface 16:51 14 Feb 2012

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