Is this some strange virus problem

  erkmatrix 17:04 26 Dec 2010

I having a right problem with computers and it just gets stranger, I posted the other day about my computer freezing, original problem below. Well it hasn't froze anymore butI've not had iton fr too long so the problem maybe still exists. This is now turning into something else. I turned it on last night and it wouldn't connect to the internet after failing to load windows 7, went to a black screen so I powered off and then it repaired intself it said but then no internet. I tried with my old windows xp and no internet on that either, reset netgear router and tried to put in, but just said cannot find the page, both pcs said this too. So I phoned the ISP this morning and they said all is ok their end and with it not working on both machine it's most probably be a router that is gone, try a mates one. So I tried my mates sky one and nothing but thought that might be because it was a sky specific and then remembered we had an old BT voyager in the loft and try this, it didn't work either when I put in the voyager.home or the ip address to login. So then I tryed the laptop just to see and low and behold it works plugged into this BTVoyager, this is how i'm writing this now.

Anyone know why it doesn't connect though to the desktops with ethernet cable. Can a virus of spread, lied dormant in them and now making them freeze and now no internet. I'm just tearing my hair out trying to phathom out why it is not seeing the BT voyager or the netgear, obviously it's not the router afterall but both machines getting a network adapter problem at the same time sounds unlikely doesn't it. Can viruses effect network adapters. Anyone have any suggestions, I've ran both comodo and avira anti-virus and neither found anything the other day.

Original problem:

I really don't know what is happening to my computer, weather its a virus or what. But this is how it happened. 3 weeks ago my psu went wrong in my main Windows 7 computer and I got a new PSU ordered from my PC manufacturer as it was still under warranty. All fair enough, I had a Samsung internal disk drive in my PC with all my storage files on and a Intel SSD for boot. I decided whilst I was waiting my new PSU to arrive I would but my Samsung storage drive in my old Windows XP PC. This is when it happened, I was clearing out and edited some files on my drive when it froze on me just got stuck I couldn't close it with task manager, everything just frooze and you couldn't open anything. I then couldn't see the drive in my disk manager or in windows. So I thought oh well, the drive is dead, so I ordered a new one. I had everything backed up on an external. After that the PC loaded but it took much longer to load and as I say you couldn't see the samsung drive, I took it out and it loaded quick again.

Now I got my new PSU and fixed that and all worked fine, great I thought, I figured I'll just try the old Samsung storage drive in my new main windows 7 PC, but this time it shows up fine again and I could few everything again. Oh waste of money buying a new one but great news, then it freezes this PC this time. Oh hell, I take it out and am convinced it's currupt or something. I just run my SSD drive this time and all other drives unplugged so just my ssd boot drive and run my Comodo internet protection anti virus scan, malware bytes and Tune-up but none came up with anything that stops it freezing. But it still crashes my computer, completely randomly, I have to turn off at standby and restart it that way, it maybe hours before it does it again but it will just like have the spinning windows 7 loading circle appear and when I click on anything nothing happens, just freezes.

Has anyone heard of this very odd problem, I don't know if its a virus that has spread from the old samsung drive or some hardware fault, or what, I just don't know what to do.

  The Kestrel 09:53 27 Dec 2010

Have you tried going back to a restore point dated before your problems began and see whether your PC runs normally?

Secondly have you tried running comodo and avira with your PC in safe mode to see if anything shows up?

It does seem odd that you cannot access the internet though on two separate PCs, so possibly not a virus on one of them. Just a thought, are you using the same ethernet cable on the laptop as the PCs? If not it might be the cable that is at fault.

  erkmatrix 10:25 27 Dec 2010

Hi thanks for replying, I've not tried no running in safe mode. I'll try this next. Thing is I can't update the anti-virus which is annoying. On my main PC with windows 7 I couldn't even start up a scan for evira as it said The event log database could not be initialized. So I still had the setup link on my pc so I clicked on that and reinstalled on top, it said something about turning off windows defender, so I did and it managed to install and worked, I did a scan and nothing was found.

It all happened when I was edited my tutorial directories for graphic design I got when I subscribed to PSD tuts plus a couple of months ago and I just opened a directory and thats when the freezing occured. I wonder if there was a virus in their that infected the computer on a certain date by disabling the local area connection adapter some how. It was in my Samsung storage drive, which has been in both computers.

About restore points, I've only checked on my windows 7 machine and that says there are no restore points available.

No they are different ethernet cables used for the desktops and the laptop is connected via a plug into the wall PLC adapter and plugged into the laptop and one into the router.

  erkmatrix 11:05 27 Dec 2010

Would it be possible to find manually avira personal version 10, I can't find any link to a version 10 update. I just wanted to run a updated scan in safe mode.

  erkmatrix 11:30 27 Dec 2010

I found a link for the Avira and it seemed to work and update ok, now running a safe mode scan.

Anyone know how to update the driver for my Realtek RTL8168C(P) Family PCE-E Gigabit Ethernet adapter.

This is what's causing the internet problem, it's notworking right and has no drivers to roll back to and says 2008 on it. So I was thinking if I could update the driver it might start working again.

Or would putting my windows 7 disk in and trying to repair windows be an option to try and fix this local area connection adapter.

Any help would be great. Thanks

  gengiscant 12:14 27 Dec 2010

click here

  erkmatrix 16:57 27 Dec 2010

Yeah I found that earlier gengiscant but I don't see an actual driver download for windows 7 X64 it just gives you info on the product of all them listed.

I don't see anywhere on their site any drivers for what I need.

  The Kestrel 17:39 27 Dec 2010

Will this help with your drivers? click here

  erkmatrix 18:05 27 Dec 2010

Hi Kestral cheers

I don't know, would this need an internet connection on the machine it was checking, I think it maybe would. I could easily put the file on an external drive and put it on the infected pc but unsure if it needs to be online to check.

  The Kestrel 19:59 27 Dec 2010

It is worth a try running the program from a memory stick or external drive.

  erkmatrix 10:20 28 Dec 2010

Yeah I'll give it a goand see. Would you suggest putting my windows 7 disk and try and repair, or would this be nothing to do with this problem as its more of a hardware problem. I'm just wondering if its missing something for the windows startup that the virus has taken out and now my machine can't find my local area connection adapter. Its exactly the same thing on my windows xp machine, I managed a system restore on this to the 17th Dec before it all happened but to no avail, still wouldn't connect.

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