Some sites aren't loading correctly

  LavaWave 19:23 14 Sep 2014

Take for example Game Jolt

click here used to load correctly 5 days ago but now something happened and GJ won't load correctly, I tried with another browser but it's the same thing, also this seems to be a problem on my end only as for other people the site loads correctly. (My friends tested themselves on their PC's/Laptops, it worked fine)

One thing I noticed is I got some certificate at start-up a few days ago, prior to when GJ started loading like that, I forgot what the certificates were tough.

I did AVG and Malwarebytes scan and while they detected some threats (and removed them) it didn't solve me that problem :/

Any ideas? thanks in advance.


  Woolwell 21:21 14 Sep 2014

Is your pc date/time correct?

  LavaWave 07:26 15 Sep 2014

@Rumpelteazer if you have the same problem then it might not be on my end then :/

Woolwell my time is set to 15/9/2014 (Day/Month/Year format) time as of this writing is set to 8.25 AM I'm from Malta, a county in Europe, so our GMT times may be different.

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