Some quick beginner questions

  NarcosisBoy 21:15 10 Mar 2005

Just some questions from a newbie here folks.

What is a system defrag and would it be beneficial for users to carry out a defrag?

I use AOL BB but do I also need NIS (it does seem to be permanently scanning and sending alerts to me but is this a good thing?)or would I be better with an other antivirus programme?

I have today added spyware programmes and am shocked at how many files that they flagged up and deleted and quarintined (I DL'd Ad-Aware, SpyBot, Spysweeper, SpyCleaner Gold and SpyDoctor - are these the right choices?)

My PC has slowed down a bit in the last while - is there a problem or is this to be expected with use etc?

No matter what I do I can't play mpegs that use DivX5 codecs as for reasons best known to itself my PC won't play them no matter how many times I DL the codecs and this is frustrating.

Any comments most appreciated


  JoeC 21:23 10 Mar 2005
  JoeC 21:28 10 Mar 2005
  Buchan 35 21:29 10 Mar 2005

We`ve all been there. You`re choice of anti spyware is OK but I did`nt notice an Anti virus. You must have one of these. A kind guy who knows the url will soon say "click here" in blue. In the meantime I`m making the assumption that you`ve got XP. If so go to Start>All programmes>Accessories>System tools> Disc Cleanup. That should clear a lot of clutter.
I do a defrag every 2 to 3 weeks just to keep my PC honest. Only takes about 5 or 6 minutes. Another way of clearing rubbish is to go to Start>Control Panel> Internet Options>Delete Cookies and Delete Files.
Should speed things up a bit. However wait for the experts, and best of luck

  Buchan 35 21:30 10 Mar 2005

I`m a slow typist

  Happy Soul 21:32 10 Mar 2005

click here and click here are both very popular on this site.

  Technotiger 21:37 10 Mar 2005

click here or click here for essential Firewall - both Free downloads.


  NarcosisBoy 21:41 10 Mar 2005

I am currently DL'ding the suggested AntiVirus programmes etc and I am assuming that I do not therefore need my NIS and can uninstall it ASAP or should I keep it?


  Technotiger 21:43 10 Mar 2005

Re Defrags - after your pc has been in use for a while, the data on your hard-drive gets split up and Fragmented, especially if you do a fair bit of deleting and/or installing stuff. When fragmented it takes longer for the pc to find all the components of the program it may be looking for, cos it has to look all over the place. When you do a defrag, all the parts of the programs are neatly put back into place, so the pc finds them easier and that makes things quicker. See.

Hope that makes sense to you. :-)) and Welcome to the Help-room.


  Technotiger 21:45 10 Mar 2005

You don't need NIS - personally I don't like it anyway. But you Must have Firewall/Anti-virus and Ad-Aware or similar.


  Technotiger 16:38 11 Mar 2005

ps - although I have shown two Firewalls above, you only need One - never run two Firewalls on one PC. I was just giving you some choice.
With anti-virus and ad-aware stuff it is ok to run several.


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