some Qs re NTFS on 2nd HDD

  badgery 09:08 02 Feb 2005

I have a 20gd HDD and XP home, and I'm about to add a Maxtor 120Gb HDD as 'slave'. The main reason is that I will be doing some home videos on my new DVD camcorder, and needed extra Gbs.
My queries are:-
1) Should I use NTFS on the new drive?
2) What, if any , advantages are there over FAT32?
3) Will it be in order to leave my original drive as FAT32 and the slave as NTFS, or will this cause any problems?

Any help/advice greatly appreciated - I have to confess 'file systems' are a whole new world to me, I'm basically a non-techie (but ever -learning, I hope!!).

  mattyc_92 10:14 02 Feb 2005

1) Yes... NTFS has the best compression rate and you can set "permissions" on it to stop people from changing it (each user account)

2)The two I have stated above and the others I can't remember

3)No, it wont cause problems, but as I have said NTFS has a better compression rate and WinXP has more security features for this format...

Hope this has helped....

  MichelleC 10:16 02 Feb 2005

NTFS is considered to be a more secure and stable file system than FATS32. The only problem you may have with having 2 file systems is fats32 can't read ntfs, but it can the other way round. So, ideally with dv the main prog is on 'c' or system drive, with capturing and editing on another hd. Alternatively you can convert your fats32 drive to ntfs with no lose of data to make things easier.

  Micro-Man 10:35 02 Feb 2005

Remember Windows can only format FAT32 partitions upto 32Gb. You need to use Partition Magic or similar to set up your HDD to run bigger FAT32 partitions. Look thr0ugh the Windows Knowledgebase searching FAT32 and partition size for more details. Not very clear here though.

  badgery 11:03 02 Feb 2005

Thanks, mattyc_92, that does help me.

I am still a bit puzzled by your reply, MichelleC, as I am a bit concerned when you say "...having 2 file systems is fats32 can't read ntfs, but it can the other way round." Then ".ideally with dv the main prog is on 'c' or system drive, with capturing and editing on another hd." This lost me

What actual effect might this have on me, if I want to use the 2nd drive for video etc? Sorry to be so 'backward' but it is really causing me great confusion. Cheers

  mattyc_92 11:19 02 Feb 2005

Windows XP should reconise the NTFS system format even if it is installed on a FAT32 or FAT16 system format... What MichelleC has said is news to me....

  RealDopey 11:45 02 Feb 2005

I think MichelleC is getting slightly confused. The rule is:

A pc running windows 95, 98 or ME on a Fat file system cannot read a slave drive that is "NTFS", having said that, it is possible for it to read from an NTFS system across a network.

If badgery is running WIN XP Home or Pro then he will be able to read an ntfs slave drive regardless of whether the master drive is fat32 or ntfs.

Hope sounds clear.

  badgery 12:50 02 Feb 2005

Yes, folks, those answers do clarify matters more for me.
I will leave the 'main' drive (my original 20Gb) as FAT32 and make the new 120Gb 'slave', NTFS.
This , I now assume, will allow me to happily use both drives as normal and swap files about from one to the other without problems...or am I still confused??
Cheers , again to one and all.

  MichelleC 13:58 02 Feb 2005

I may be a bit confused too. My understanding was that you couldn't copy data from a ntsf partition to a fats32, but I stand corrected.

Anyway, what I meant was with dv editing it's best to have main prog on system drive and have the editing and data on another hd. It cuts down on errors. It's even better to render to another hd also. When capturing, ptt (printing to tape), buring etc turn off all non-vital b/ground progs (av, firewall, system restore etc) to eliminate dropped frames and errors.

  badgery 14:13 02 Feb 2005

Thanks again, MichelleC, for the tip about switching off all those non-vital progs.

However you lost me again with " It's even better to render to another hd also." ( I've seen houses rendered with pebbledash - but even I don't think this is what we are talking about!!).

I seem to be the classic case of 'one step forward, two steps back' !! But I am determined to learn, in spite of being a bit slow with the jargon. Cheers.

  badgery 14:19 02 Feb 2005

This would presumably only affect my setup if I tried to copy over a large file from the 120Gb NTSF to my master 20Gb drive.
As this is most unlikely to be required (that's why I am getting the bigger 2nd HDD) then I suppose I needn't worry too much?? Thanks for your input, anything else gratefully accepted by this 'L' driver!!

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