Some MS XP updates "could not be installed

  alternator 15:42 26 Aug 2008

I am running Win XP home and have just installed sp3. The auto update is set and it was have problems installing 12 updates. I used "dial-a-fix which seemed to solve the problem, except two of the updates (KB953838 & KB952287). I looked at the MS help and tried reinstalling the updater as suggested (but that is what dial-a-fix does, surely) however that did not seem to work. I looked on this forum to see if anyone had the same problem, but all the problems seemed to be a complete problem with updating.
Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

  howard64 17:12 26 Aug 2008

download the updates and save them - check in add/remove progs for those numbers and if there remove them and reboot. Then disconnect from the internet and turn off virus checker and firewall etc. and with nothing else running try manually installing them 1 at a time. You might even need to install them when running in safe mode.

  Zorgalite 17:54 26 Aug 2008

Have a look at this.
click here

So far it has fixed it for a few of us.

  alternator 22:12 26 Aug 2008

Will gibe it a try tomorrow it is midnight here, need some sleep
Will report back

  alternator 21:11 28 Aug 2008

Sorry it has taken so long to get back.It has not been straightforward. Zorgalite I tried your solution and it seemed to start working, as it downloaded one update okay, but the KB953838 would not update. I then tried howard64 solution, it seemed to be going well until half way through the update I got "setup cannot copy the file ieapfltr.dat" Ensure location specified below is correct or change it and insert Windows XPsystem files in the drive you specify.
Copy files from:
It then gave the option to continue without that file.Which I opted for, the update seemed to continue. Now there are no updates outstanding.
However I was running AVG and the only way I could find to stop it running was to uninstall it. I realise now I should have just used the Task Manager. I reinstalled AVG and now that won't update. Thanks for the help so far, I would be grateful if you had any ideas on the AVG update.

  alternator 22:31 28 Aug 2008

Downloading the AVG updates and installing manually worked okay. I have checked all the internet settings and they seem okay. So I will see how the auto updates go tomorrow. Then I will put this string as resolved. Thanks again for the help.

  rdave13 23:16 28 Aug 2008

If Microsoft updates won't install to your particular set-up then don't worry. If you force the updates it might knacker your system. Set to ignore them in microsoft updates and carry on surfing.
Many a system buggered with microsoft updates so take heed of your own set-up.:)

  alternator 11:48 29 Aug 2008

AVG is now updating okay, all warning flags have disappeared. Seems as if all is running sweetly.

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