Some Linux questions

  tran1 10:25 14 Feb 2003

I understand that Linux comes in two types of desktop, KDE and Gnome. IS this just for aesthetic reasons or are they totally different workings?

If so, which desktop is best and less complicated to use?

What desktop do you members prefer?

There seems to be alot of companys selling Linux, what would you recommend?
I'm looking for something that looks good and very importantly, easy to use.

How would you compare installing Linux to installing Windows XP? Is it much harder or same?

  woodchip 10:40 14 Feb 2003

KDE is the easiest to use for new use. Mandrak 9 is good and easy to setup

  ericmax 17:48 14 Feb 2003

woodchip is right kde is the easier desktop of the
two,as for linux being easy to use, at first its a pain but the more you use it the better it gets,
i have red hat and suse on a second hd and xp on the other out of the two suse is the better for new people to linux but red hat is still good it just takes a bit longer to get the hang of,as for installation both were quicker and easier than xp
red hat had the edge on that score in suse i had to mess around with a few things but they were all minor,good luck.

  ericmax 17:51 14 Feb 2003

one thing i forgot to add,you can install both kde&gnome in linux and switch between the two
to see which one you like the best.

  MartinT-B 17:58 14 Feb 2003


The first time you use ANY OS is a pain.

It took me 2 weeks to get to grips with 3.11 on my forst PC.
Going from 3.11 to 95 = pain to 98 even bigger pain.

People forget that when talking about linux.

  ericmax 22:06 14 Feb 2003

if you got nothing to say on this subject martin
go and annoy someone else

  zanwalk 22:16 14 Feb 2003

An excellent site to compare all the different Linux distributions commonly available is:

click here

I would advise going with one of the mainstream distros to start with (Mandrake, Suse, Red Hat, etc), of these Mandrake 9 is usually considered to be the most user friendly. A good place to purchase Linux is:

click here

Alternatively, there are several magazines that offer free distributions of the popular versions of Linux on their cover discs.

  tran1 12:18 15 Feb 2003

Thanks to all those that replied!

I bought myself Mandrake Linux 9.0 from ebay for £2.81 to save me having to download it myself.

When I get Partition magic, I will try and install it.

Thanks again to everyone!

John T

  MartinT-B 12:39 15 Feb 2003

Get out of the wrong side of the bed did you?

I had a perfectly valid point, and am frankly bored by comments such as your "at first it's a pain".

Too many people dismiss trying linux out because of that sort of attitude.

I wanted to remind people that there is a learning curve to everything.

Now, I'm off to post more comments elsewhere...

  ericmax 14:13 15 Feb 2003

thank god for that

  Taran 22:36 15 Feb 2003

At the risk of adding to a closed thread and in an attempt to offer actual help:

You do not need Partition Magic for installing Linux. All mainstream Linux distributions ship with very capable disk partitioning software. In fact, most of them ship with more than one partitioning utility. It can be a bit fiddly if you are a newcomer to Linux, but looking through the tutorials at the Mandrake site click here will get you off to a good start. There are some good links click here at the Open Directory Project site too.

Actually, Mandrake is the easiest of all the Linux installs, with the possible exception of the latest version of SuSE, and unless you have any unsupported hardware installing it is a real doddle. Using it on the other hand, is something of a culture shock to some. It's worth sticking with though, if for no other reason than it will make you a far better computer user.

Feel free to ask any questions in the Helproom. Some of us use Linux extensively in domestic and corporate environments, so as long as you are aware that any answers you get may take some time to come through, depending on the available free time of those of us who use open source, ask away.



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