SOME links on web pages do not work

  algo mas 20:12 09 Oct 2005

SOME links do not work on some web pages e.g. click here
when I click the blue bar on the top flashes but link does not work.
Some of the links on the web page do work.
Any ideas please?

  octal 20:17 09 Oct 2005

When you click on it a pop-up window appears, have you got a pop-up blocker? If you have try disabling it.

  algo mas 20:46 09 Oct 2005

Dear octal,

No pop up window. The blue strip on top of screen flashes momentarily but I remain on the same page.

  VoG II 20:49 09 Oct 2005
  algo mas 14:53 11 Oct 2005

dear Vog,
I tried the first sofare on the page IE fix but when I went to click here to log in.

I clicked 'log in' and the top blue bar just fashed and nothing happened. the same happened with 'contact us' on the national lottery website.
Any other suggestions please?


  algo mas 14:57 11 Oct 2005

I meant 'software'

When I tried to login to direct line the top bar just flashed and nothing happened.

  algo mas 17:01 11 Oct 2005

I went to hotmail account and found that when I clicked on 'help' nothing happened appart from a line appearing underneath [normal].
On the bottom of the screen when I put pointer over 'help' :
Java Script: CPH ['Pim_BulkMail'];

Any help?

  VoG II 17:17 11 Oct 2005

Try installing Java click here

  ramsay29 17:36 11 Oct 2005

Had a similar problem a while back turned out to be spyware affecting IE6. Do you regularly check for malware?

Was fine again when dleted. this was when I moved to firefox.

  dagbladet 17:40 11 Oct 2005

algo mas

try holding down the 'Ctrl' key when you click on the link. Can't remember why this works, but it does for me.

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