some letterso not comeon screen when i type them

  andy63walsh 16:40 15 Feb 2008

some letters do not come on screen when i type them, it's random, any idea ?

  bstb3 16:45 15 Feb 2008

is it across all software? if so then dodgy keyboard springs to mind. Do you have an alternative you can try?

  bstb3 16:46 15 Feb 2008

also what type of keyboard is it? Wired, PS/2 USB, Wireless?

  anskyber 16:55 15 Feb 2008

Which operating system are you using and which browser?

  andy63walsh 17:04 15 Feb 2008

it isnt the keyboard as when i reboot it goes !
I use xp its my laptop.

  andy63walsh 13:34 18 Feb 2008

it is on all software, only now and then.

  jack 13:59 18 Feb 2008

I had a similar situation recently just the one - and it has not returned
In this case a whole word or character string would not come to screen but would appear later in the wrong place among other text the came after it
most odd I wondered if it may be a memory or web site refresh thing?

  palinka 16:56 18 Feb 2008

It can happen if your pc is dealing with something else at the same time (eg, your anti-virus is doing a scheduled scan) especially if you haven't a lot of "spare" memory. Happens on my laptop which is a little underpowered. If I "wave" my mouse around in frustration that letters/words are missing they will eventually appear where the mouse comes to rest, and that's not usually where I want to put them!

  andy63walsh 18:15 18 Feb 2008

i'm worried its a virus ? I use 'avast' and spyware terminator. i have upgraded the memory, so can't be that.

  jack 20:04 18 Feb 2008

thats a reasonable explanation
Multitasking it cant hack - must be a male computer ;-)

  martjc 20:41 18 Feb 2008 accidentally stroke the touchpad with the heel of your hand without noticing. This gives the effect you describe. I'm forever doing it - typing skills too slack.

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