some large files will write to disk but wont play

  spongey 13:06 12 Jan 2003
  spongey 13:06 12 Jan 2003

the problem that i am having is that i'm trying to get some large files off my hard drive and on to disk to free up space. however whilst they will all write to disk, some will play from the disk and others will not. i dont think they would write in the first place if there wasn't space on the disk. so why will the file on the pc play but the exact same file that ive written to disk wont. can anyone help ? this is doing my head in.

  Forum Editor 16:13 12 Jan 2003

I assume you mean music tracks. How are you writing these tracks to CD - what software are you using?

  Forum Editor 16:14 12 Jan 2003

from Consumerwatch

  davehyde 18:47 12 Jan 2003

..... just out of interest are you the same Spongey who has been on the Jools Holland Yahoo group and was the originator of the Sam Brown one?

If so - small world and "Hi!"

If not - someone else is using your alias!!


  spongey 22:30 12 Jan 2003

by large files i mean divx and xvid files. surely they wouldnt write if the file is too big for the cd. so why wont they play from cd?

  The PC Doctor 22:40 12 Jan 2003

a> Copy one of these to a CD - see if it will play.

b> Copy back from CD onto PC (in a different folder) and play.

a> Works ok = no problems.

b> Works ok = no problems.

If a> doesn't work but b> does then problems with your CD Rom.

The only thing I can suggest is to try a lower write speed that sometimes works.

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