Some IE pages too wide - why?

  bines 20:37 29 Apr 2003

I am using IE with my Windows XP system.

Some (but not all) web pages I view are too wide to fit on the screen and I have to use the scroll bar - it's most annoying. I always close my Favourites window so it doesn't get in the way.

Sometimes, different pages on the same site have different widths.

Why do some pages display too wide and is there anything I can do at my end to correct it?


  Sion 20:42 29 Apr 2003

What is your resolution on your monitor? Most modern Web sites are designed for use at a minimum of 800x600, and in some cases 1024x768. Adjust your resolution and see what happens.

  bines 20:53 29 Apr 2003

My resolution is 800 X 600. Surely if it were wrong it would affect ALL pages equally wouldn't it?

Thanks for the interest and reply.


  Lone Crow 21:34 29 Apr 2003

If your screen resolution is set to the same as the website has optimised its content for, it will display correctly. If there is a mismatch, it won't. Simple as that. It's the best that can be achieved in the complicated and variable world of computing! LC.

  bines 13:12 30 Apr 2003

Thanks for the info, guess I'll just have to live with it like everybody else!


  Sir Radfordin™ 13:15 30 Apr 2003

Its down to bad site design and nothing you can correct. You can play around with screen resolution and in most cases that will help.

The sites that look fine at the moment have been designed for a screen of your size. There is nothing to stop someone designing a site wider than any screen.

Its like a book, they aren't all the same size.

  woodchip 13:24 30 Apr 2003

The problem is not your computer but the fault of those who created the Webb page. They have written the script for a higher resolution monitor and failed to set it to auto change to the resolution that you are using. You could try the next res up from 800x600 to see if it's better

  DieSse 13:28 30 Apr 2003

Make sure your IE window is maximised, not simply dragged out to the full screen size. Depending on the web design, some pages may need sideways scrolling if the page is not maximised.

Other than that, as stated above, it's simply poor design. There are very few pages that need above 800x600 however.

  woodchip 13:33 30 Apr 2003

sorry for using your post.

back to my early post, I have just changed to higher resolution display and pages load faster why?

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