some help needed on sharing internet connection

  scuper 00:47 26 Jul 2006

So far I've set up a peer to peer wireless network which seems to be running fine. One of the computers has the ADSL modem and the router installed on it, I would like to share this connection to the other two laptops.
There is also an ethernet connection running to another P.C. I've managed to form a network bridge but I'm not even sure what this is! I read that you need it to use the internet connection on the other computers.
can someone plese help me to get this all working,
Thank you,

  Strawballs 02:05 26 Jul 2006

If all of the computers are running XP you will need to run the network connection wizard in control panel (not the wireless wizard)

  FelixTCat 07:36 26 Jul 2006


Do you have a USB modem?

You also say that you have a router attached to the pc. Is this a wireless router? Are the laptops and the other pc attached to this?

Between which pcs is the wireless peer-to-peer network running?

  mgmcc 09:25 26 Jul 2006

<<< One of the computers has the ADSL modem and the router installed on it, I would like to share this connection to the other two laptops. >>>

You don't *INSTALL* a router, either as hardware or as software, and it *DOESN'T* appear anywhere in a computer, such as Device Manager or the Network Connections folder. It is a network device to which computers connect, either by ethernet cable or "wirelessly". All of the computers in your network should connect with the router, there should be no additional connection(s) directly between any computers and I cannot see any reason why you would have any adapters "bridged".

The router provides all of the computers connected to it with Network access (File & Printer Sharing) and Internet access.

  scuper 14:51 26 Jul 2006

Hi and thanks, the router seems to be attached to just one computer, it says ADSL router on it. Theres another SpeedTouch modem as well. I really am confused, the laptops are on a wireless network I think its the "Mentor" wireless network adaptor which connects them from the main PC with the internet connection.
We managed to get the same wireless network and internet connection working a year ago when we last stayed here.

  mgmcc 19:39 26 Jul 2006

The combined "Wireless Router & ADSL Modem" replaces the SpeedTouch modem, which is no longer required and should be disconnected completely. Any software that has been installed for the SpeedTouch should be uninstalled.

As I said previously, all computers connect directly to the Wireless Modem/Router and get their network and internet access from the router. There is no other modem involved, no direct connection between computers (other than via the router) and there is no attempt to connect to the ISP from a computer - it is the router's function to establish the internet connection.

  ade.h 20:00 26 Jul 2006

And just for the record, no-one ever NEEDS to run the Network Setup Wizard; it makes it friendlier for novices, but all its functions either activate automatically in a network environment or can be configured easily by the user.

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